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    My Story: I Disfigured His Face For My Selfish Motive

    I am Kavita, a 26-year-old woman from India, and here is my story on how I destroyed my happy-go-lucky life with my own hands. I am sharing this story, with the world, as I do not wish any other person to make such a grave mistake, the way I did.

    I Killed My Husband For A Selfish Reason

    I have been a big-time movie buff. As a teen, I used to spend hours watching movies and over a period of time, started living with impossible expectations that one sees in movies.

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    But little did I realise that movies are just a fiction, which are made to entertain us and do nothing more.


    I Got Married At The Age Of 18…

    Since I come from a rural part of the city, I just completed my 12th and started learning housework, as I was preparing to get married. When I turned 18, my parents looked out for a proposal and in no time, I realised, I was married.


    I Never Spoke To Him Before I Got Married

    I wanted him to talk to me and know me well before we got married. But he was the shy guy who hardly spoke to his own sisters! I wish he took the effort to know me well before wedding. I knew he was an introvert and I was just the opposite of it.


    We Had Our First Child…

    I realised that his needs were only physical and he had nothing else to share with me. I was a baby-making machine for him, as he only wanted to get physical and within the 1st year of our wedding, we had our first child and as time passed by, we had 3 kids in 3 years!

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    I Befriended A Guy…

    He was a friend of my past and we did have a soft corner for each other. We started conversing and sharing our deep secrets and, in no time, I realised that he was the man I wanted in my life and not Raj, who was my husband.


    He Insisted On Us Eloping…

    We knew that we could not live without each other and wanted to marry. But I was scared of the society and hence decided to plot a plan to kill my husband. The little love that I had for him was all gone after I met Vishal, as he was the dream man I've always dreamt of.


    We Killed Him…

    We schemed a plan to murder my husband and burn his body, as per what we'd watched in a movie. Vishal helped me with the plan and to avoid any legal problems, we came up with a new plan where Vishal pretended to be my husband and we disfigured his face and claimed it to be an accident, where his entire face was disfigured.


    I Wonder What Was Going On In My Mind…

    I took him to the hospital and informed his family and my in-laws about the accident. I tried my best to convince them that it was their beloved son Raj. But in a hurry to get rid of him, I had not revealed much about my husband's family members to Vishal and this was a giveaway, as my husband's family only grew more suspicious.


    The Mutton Curry Revealed It All…

    As my husband's family kept getting more suspicious about Vishal, I was adamant about his identity, unless Vishal being a vegetarian refused to drink the mutton curry that was served to him. And as a result, we were CAUGHT!


    I Wonder Why I Took Such A Nasty Decision

    The only thing that I loved in my wedding were my kids and I never wished to let go of them. I instead spoilt everything that I once had. And now, I am cooling my heels in a 4-walled dark room.

    I wish nobody else does the same mistake that I did...

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