What Exactly Do The Moles On Your Body Reveal

We all have moles on different parts of our body. These moles have their own significance. Did you know that some of these moles can define a lot about the wealth, luck and other aspects of life?

When a person has birthmarks or moles on different parts of body, it signifies on how wealthy a person would be.

These marks can surely reveal as to how lucky a person would turn out and we're sure you would be curious to know about yours as well!

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So, check out on what moles can signify when present at different parts of the body in relation to the wealth aspect of a person. Read on.


When The Mole Is On The Leg

When a person has a mole or a birthmark on their legs, it means that the person is believed to have a confused nature. Though these people are said to be very talented, they fail to channelise their energy well. This makes them lose on their confidence level.

When The Mole Is On The Left Shoulder

When the person is said to have the mole on their left shoulder, it means that the person would suffer from financial crisis; and if the mole is said to be located on the right side of the shoulder, it means you'll have good fortune.

When The Mole Is Located On The Left Chest

People who have moles on this part of the body are said to enjoy success in everything that they put their hands into. It also means that the person is blessed with a good sense of humour.

When The Mole Is In The Center Of The Chest

When the mole is present at the center of the chest, it means such people would never amass ancestral fortune. They need to struggle a lot on their personal front when it comes to their love life.

When The Mole Is Under The Right Chest

Having a mole on this part of the body is an indication that the person would be blessed with immense fortune and wealth. They are lucky and they get lucky for those who are associated to them.

The Mole On The Right Shoulder

When a mole or birthmark is in this place, it indicates that such people would spend most of their time at home, tending to familial needs, especially when it's about their children. They are also believed to be a disciplined homemaker.

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When The Mole Is On The Hand Or Finger

People who have a mole on this part of the body are said to be greedy and are quite independent. They do not take the advice of others and follow what their hearts say. They do not take favours from others as well.

The Mole On The Stomach

When a person is said to have a mole on their stomach, it means that the person is generally greedy in nature and they are also said to be selfish when it comes to dealing with their loved ones. They are important to themselves and this makes the other person think they are arrogant.

The Mole On The Nose

People who have a mole on their nose are said to be quite creative and artistic in nature. They are mostly indulged in art and their creative juices flow in easily. They are said to take things easily and do not lose their temper soon and hence are said to have a good fortune in life.

The Mole On The Jawline

A mole on this position is generally considered to be very unlucky, as the person is said to suffer constantly with ill health and other ailments all through their lives. This makes them a cranky person as well. They seem to be short tempered as well.

The Mole On The Left Cheek!

This mole or birthmark's position reveals that the person would face financial difficulties and they also have a tendency to go into a depression mode easily. On the other hand, if a person is said to have the mole or birthmark present on the right cheek, it indicates a passionate nature.

Mole On The Feet

People who have a mole on their feet are said to have a fondness for travel and they are adventurous in nature. These people are mostly inclined to take up jobs that take them away from their birth place.

Mole On The Chin

Having a mole on this part is an indication that the person is short tempered behaviour wise. They are said to have a weakness as well, which can lead to their financial losses, as they tend to easily fall into the deceiving plans of others. This makes their life really hard.

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    Story first published: Monday, July 10, 2017, 14:38 [IST]
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