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Keep These 7 Things In Your Pocket For Good Luck

You always want to be organized when you are walking around but at the same time you don't want to lug around too much weight especially if it happens to be a bulky pocket. Yet for the most part, everybody prefers to keep a certain amount of money in their pocket and also certain other essential things. However it does not mean that carrying rudiments is of less value than money.

Money is not the only thing people prefer to keep in their wallets. You need to understand that whatever you carry in your pocket can bring in the luck and prosperity that you are looking forward to in your life. Our pocket is the most essential thing as we prefer to keep money and also try to keep other important valuables which are essentially required.

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A lot of people might put their heart and soul in their jobs yet there may be struggles to earn money and they might crave badly for luck in their lives. Luck is what people create and notice and act upon when opportunities strike in their life and if you want luck to strike a bit more often then here are a list of few lucky things that you should keep in your pocket for good luck.



It is an old tradition that carrying money does attract good luck. Having money in your pocket is likely to bring in a lot of wealth and good luck in your life. Having luck in money is possible by keeping it in your pocket wherever you go.



Clove is known to strengthen love and also enhance sexual feelings. On the other hand, it manages to provide protection and absolves negativity and can bring in good luck. Luck is definitely a mysterious thing which only works in mysterious ways and it cannot be explained. It is even believed that carrying a four leaf clover in your pocket will bring in luck and good fortune. It can bring forth good fortune in any venture you attempt.


Poppy Seeds

It is traditionally used for seasoning meat and for pastries, bagels and muffins to make them more delicious and yummy; but do you know that these tiny seeds can bring in good luck too? This seeds are also known to attract money and health and it is believed that carrying a few of it in your pocket does attract luck and prosperity.


Oval White Stone

It is believed that carrying an oval white stone in your pocket can add positivity and happiness in your life. The white stone manages to protect the wearer from negative energy and can bring in good luck in one's life.

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Ginger is often used for its ability to improve love and sensuality. So, if you are looking for ways to include a lot of richness in your life, then make sure to use ginger. You can use ginger in the form of powder or in its crystallized form if you are looking for ways to draw good luck in your life. Keep the ginger powder in your pocket for good luck.



Do you know that sea shells manage to invite good vibes at your home and workplace? It is traditionally followed that placing sea shells on a window can attract good energy. It is believed that keeping 7 coloured cowries in your pocket can bring in abundance of luck in one's life.


Red Cloth

Colours have the power to influence one's mood. It is believed to usher in special significance in our lives. The colour red represents happiness, beauty and good luck. The colour red also symbolizes good luck and prosperity; so if you want to attract the power of the planets, then keep a red-coloured cloth (handkerchief or piece of fabric) in your pocket in order to attract good luck.

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Story first published: Monday, February 13, 2017, 21:00 [IST]
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