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Facts About Our Body That Were Not Taught To Us In High School

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A human body is said to be quite complex and each cell in our body has its own function. Learning about our own body is quite interesting, but the sad part is, these interesting things are not taught to us at the basic level.

There are certain facts about our body, which we should know about and we bet, after reading these facts, you would be amazed as to how our body functions.

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So, here we bring to you the list of interesting facts about a human body that you need to know of.


Our Brain Can Light A Bulb?

Did you know that the human brain generates enough electricity to power a small bulb? Well, this is because the human brain contains a staggering 160,000+ kilometers of blood vessels!


Human Teeth Are As Strong As Shark Teeth

This might surprise many, but it is a fact that human teeth are as strong as the predators' teeth that can rip an individual in a single bite!


Our Stomach Acid Is Very Strong!

Did you know that our stomach acid is so strong that it can burn a hole on our skin? The acid is so strong that it could easily dissolve a razor blade! This acid is strong, as it helps to keep us to stay protected from the harmful bacteria that may enter into our bodies with our food.


Human Hair Is Indestructible!

Did you know that a human head can hold the weight of two elephants? Human hair is believed to be practically indestructible! So, keep reading to know more about such interesting points on the human body!


We Have So Many Expressions!

Did you know that humans can have over 70,000 different facial expressions? Sounds crazy, right? And we think that we have limited expressions!

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Kids Have More Bones Than Adults!

Did you know that young children have 60 bones more than a grown individual? Their young bones tend to fuse together, as they grow. This reduces the number of bones when compared to young children.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 12, 2017, 10:19 [IST]
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