Man Stunned Doctors With 263 Coins, Blades & Chains In His Tummy!

By Shibu Purushothaman

Like we are familiar with, the internet is a funny and bizarre place with different eye-opening and hilarious stories circulating around each day.

This story is one among those which has managed to trend worldwide, thanks to some coins, chains and, of course, a few shaving blades found in a man's stomach.

Man who ate coins

Last time, we saw a case of a 48-year-old man where doctors removed 639 nails from the stomach. The man was operated at Calcutta Medical College and Hospital and it was discovered that he is suffering from schizophrenia.

In a similar case from Amritsar, we saw surgeons removing almost 40 knifes from the stomach of a man. He was operated at Amritsar Corporate Hospital and is currently doing well.

Well, one more case that is shocking the internet is that of a man who kept swallowing coins, needles, blades and some pieces of glasses on a daily basis. This case has left the doctors and surgeons totally shocked!


263 Coins Were Removed From The Stomach

According to the reports published, it is said that close to 263 coins, shaving blades and needles were surgically removed from the stomach of a 32-year-old man in Madhya Pradesh.


Who Is The Patient?

Reports suggest that the 32-year-old man who goes by the name Mohammed Maqsood lives in Sohaval in Satna district. He was admitted at the Sanjay Gandhi Medical College and Hospital after complaining of severe stomach pain. He was operated for three long hours.


Cause Of The Stomach Pain

Mohammed Maqsood was rushed to the hospital on November 18th, after he complained of a terrible stomach ache. The cause of his stomach pain was identified through an X-ray, but the doctors were literally shocked to remove metal coins and other things from his stomach during the operation.


How Did The Coins Get There?

According to the doctor, he said that it looks like the man secretly kept swallowing these items. He further said that the patient is not in a good frame of mind and hence he might have enjoyed consuming coins, shaving blades, needles and other objects. However, the coins and blades did not damage any internal organ and hence the patient is completely safe. Khan promised the doctors that he would never do this again.


Operation Of The Man

Almost 6 expert doctors were engaged in removing these objects from Mohammed Maqsood's stomach. The team of doctors removed items weighing close of 5 kg. The items surgically removed from the patients' stomach included 4 big needles, a chain, 263 coins, 10-12 shaving blades and some pieces of glass. The doctor said that this case was shocking and it was the first time when he has seen something like this in his career. One of the doctors said, "The operation was done in the nick of the time as some of the nails lodged had pierced his stomach, caused bleeding and resulting in loss of hemoglobin."


The Patient's Condition

Mohammad Maqsood is currently fine and is under doctor's observation. Reports suggest that Mohammad was earlier treated for 6 months in Satna before he was brought to Rewa for the treatment. News also suggests that the items recovered from his stomach were almost 6 months old, which means the man has been swallowing these objects for a long period of time.


Bizarre Habit Of The Patient

When enquired about the eating habit of the patient, Mr. Khan's family said that he'd started eating metal objects before developing depression. The family further said that he never informed about his bizarre eating habit to anyone. Reports further suggest that the patient worked as a driver and would swallow the coins given to him by the customers.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 19:00 [IST]
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