How Jupiter's Transition Can Affect Your Moon Sign

Our moon signs can get affected in a lot many ways, especially by the planet transitions. With Jupiter making a transition, there is a lot that is going to change according to our moon signs.

Jupiter is considered to be one of the positive planets that affects all relationships in a positive and happy manner. Hence, we bring to you the list of how things would change in your life, based on the moon sign.

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Check out the changes, as this is something that would have an impact on your life for the next 1 year.



According to astrology, the planet Jupiter is said to transit into the 7th house. There will be a positive personality change in your life, where you would suddenly realise that fresh ideas are bursting in your mind and you will feel content with what life has to offer to you right now. There would be an increase in your income, which can either be through a salary hike or due to any other business opportunity.


According to astrology, due to Jupiter's transition, there would be a new job offering and it's the best time to take it up. On the professional front, things seem to look upbeat for you at this point of time. On the other side, people of this sign need to avoid borrowing money from anyone.


According to astrology, the planet Jupiter is said to make its transit into the 5th house of this moon sign. People who are parents and belong to this moon sign are believed to have the best time with their children. They need to pay a close attention to their dad's health, especially, and need to take him for a thorough medical check-up.


According to astrology, the planet Jupiter is said to make a transition into the 4th house of this sign. It is said that this period is said to be very good for family life. Their relationship with their partner is said to get better and the person will feel more content in the relationship. On the career front, the person will face a huge shift in terms of either a job change or transfer to a new city.


It is said that the planet Jupiter will make its transition into the third house of this sign. If the person is single, then there are chances that you might meet someone who is special. For those who are in a serious relationship, it is believed to be the best time to walk down the aisle. Apart from all this, it is the best time to give your best shot at work, as you would get appreciated for all your hard work.


Family life is said to be picture perfect during this phase. There will be many family holidays and vacations in store for you. There are chances that you will turn financially independent during this time. But one needs to avoid high-risk investments though as well.

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It is said that the planet Jupiter will have its transition in the first house. As the host moon sign, this is going to be the happiest time of your life. Your relationship with your partner is said to be blissful. There will be great new opportunities to travel around the world. All in all, it is said to be a great time for you and your family.


The planet Jupiter is said to make its transition into the 12th house of this sign. This is the time when the person would lean a bit towards spirituality. One needs to ensure that they spend enough time with their loved ones, especially parents!


Planet Jupiter is said to make a transition into the 11th house. After Libra, this moon sign is said to experience the best phase. People of this sign will travel the world and gain immense knowledge. On the personal front, kids will make them happy and it also gives immense joy to see them growing.


The planet Jupiter is said to make a transition into the 10th house of this sign. There would be a lot of growth in their professional life. There are chances that they might take up a new job and even face little troubles in the beginning, but over a period of time, they would settle down.


Jupiter planet is said to make its transition into the 9th house of this sign. The transition will present an opportunity for them to relocate into another country. But they need to make sure that they keep all the pros and cons in mind before arriving at a decision. They also need to spend enough time with their partner to prevent their marriage from becoming stagnant.


It is said that the planet Jupiter would make its transition into their 8th house. This is the time they would feel like being a pessimist most of the times. However, they need to shrug off that negativity if they are keen on growing ahead. Career wise, this is the best time for them.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 12, 2017, 12:08 [IST]
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