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    How Your Finger's Length Can Define Your Personality?

    With various aspects and things that reveal about a person's personality, a glance at their palms can also help know about what the person is like. Did you know that the length of your finger can help one know about your characteristic trait?

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    Well, this is a study in palmistry and it is one of the simplest personality trait tests that can reveal details of the person's personality.

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    The results here could be quite accurate as well, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check the length of your fingers and analyze your personality type.

    The results can be quite interesting, you know!


    If The Thumb Is Thick

    If the thumb of the person is thick and solid, it means that the person will have many benefits from parents. Such people always have a very practical money concept. They hate spending money on the things that are over-hyped. Spending money on clothes or food seems to be a waste of money for them. They have very simple demands in life and are quite practical and promise-keeping rather than scheming.


    If The Thumb Is Flat

    A person with flat, thin or an uneven and flexible thumb does not like the methodical rather than quick and convenient life. Such people are believed to be impatient and they often seek enjoyment. If the thumb is flat and long as well, it indicates that the person will have a relatively smooth fortune. Such people will face fast progress, academic excellence and even have a strong body.


    If The Thumb Is Long

    Those who have longer thumbs are believed to be more confident in their career. They take more initiative in love and they always desire for high-quality love and life. For those who have shorter thumbs, it is believed that they need to rely on their own efforts during their younger stages of life. They are believed to be practical and down-to-earth and are good in terms of their career.


    The Index Finger

    The index finger usually indicates a person's desire for domination, power and enterprise in palmistry. People who have longer index fingers are always said to be indomitable, aggressive and ambitious in nature. It is very easy for them to be in authority. If the index finger is as long as the middle finger, it is a sign that the person is tough. Such people tend to earn more money and they also spend a lot. According to palmistry, it reveals that it is difficult for them to save money.


    If The Index Finger Is Longer

    It is believed that people with longer index fingers have higher life goals and they have a stronger desire for power. They are good at showing off in social communication skills. They also have good interpersonal relationship and are fond of controlling others. Apart from this, they have strong management abilities. They also willingly spend more money for the ones they love.

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    If The Index Finger Is Short

    They are usually very jealous and they are never convinced by the ones who are stronger than them. There are times when they will also suffer from hardships in work but they are very approachable in love.


    If The Middle Finger Is Too Short

    If the middle finger is too short or oblique or leans when compared to the index finger, it indicates that the person is persistent in work. On the other hand, if the middle finger is lean when compared to the ring finger, it indicates that the person is obsessed with his/her family members. They need to get their emotions under control, as it easy for them to do things that can be too late at times for them to regret.


    If The Middle Finger Is Longer

    If the middle finger is obviously longer than other fingers, it is a sign that the person will have a prosperous business and a healthy mind and body. The person would experience all of this during his/her middle age.


    If The Middle Finger Is Short

    If the middle finger is relatively short, it is a sign that the person is believed to be impatient at work. People of this type are usually believed to have a stable fortune. They tend to be trapped in love and do not care about any signs of trouble, as they are deep in love.


    If The Ring Finger Is Long

    If the ring finger is as long as the middle finger, then it is said to be a sign of love for gambling. People of this type always seem to be excited about games that involve gambling. They prefer to be highly speculative about their financing methods.

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    If The Ring Finger Is Long (Contd.)

    They always have unique insights on career and independent plans at work. They have a strong sense of aesthetics and romantic feelings in love.


    If The Ring Finger Is Short...

    People with shorter ring fingers are always known to be social animals. They prefer to be down-to-earth and they are steady in their relationships rather than reaching for what is beyond being risk-takers. When they are in love, they tend to think about the pros and cons and consider more about the real-life situation, hence their love is generally stable and their wealth will not change.


    If The Little Finger Is Long

    People who have long, straight and round little fingers are said to have an excellent working ability and they also have great communication skills. If the little finger is bent and much lower than the first knuckle line of the ring finger, it means that such people are more unlikely to make achievements in terms of fortune or finance.


    If The Little Finger Is Long (Contd.)

    If the little finger is relatively longer, then it is a sign of strong observation. They have an aggressive career life, and strong acquisitiveness when they are in love. Apart from this, they also have a smooth fortune and healthy body in their old age.


    If The Little Finger Is Short

    People with relatively short little fingers are believed to be straightforward. They are honest and do not like to fool around when it comes to work, hence they have stable wealth.

    So, what do your fingers reveal? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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