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    Real-life Stories: He Got His Nose Removed To Look Like His Favourite Character!

    As kids, we all love cartoons and comic characteristics. There are many people out there in this world who are willing to change their looks according to their favourite comic characters.

    But what if the person's favourite character is a villain and he decides to look like that character? Sounds crazy, right?

    Marvel Villain look

    Henry Damon of Caracas is a man who decided to look like the supervillain of Captain America and he underwent many surgeries to get this scary look.

    Check out on how he even went on to get his nose surgically removed to look perfectly like the character!


    It Was His Childhood Dream…

    As a kid, Henry loved the character Red Skull. And finally, he decided to transform himself when he turned 37. He decided to undergo a series of surgeries to look like thesupervillain. This image of his was taken before he underwent any surgery.


    He Was A Married Man Then…

    When Henry decided to look like his favourite character, he was a family man by then. He was a husband and also a father. He met Emilio Gonzalez who is an expert in tattooing and extreme body surgery.


    The Beginning Of His Transformation…

    As his transformation had started, Henry underwent several sub-dermal implants to produce an authentic Red Skull structure. This was one of the prominent features of Red Skull.


    The Transformation Was Still In The Initial Process…

    Henry wanted to look perfect, the way he had seen his favourite character since years. He even tattooed the whites of his eyes black to get the perfect look.


    He Even Got His Nose Removed!

    This was one of the most extreme surgical maneuvers that he had decided to undergo. The surgery required the removal of a section of his nose in order to replicate the nose of Red Skull! And alas, he got it done!


    There Is Nothing That Will Stop Him

    Henry seems to love the transformation that he has been undergoing and hence there is no stopping for this man. He claimed that he will be getting his cheek, chin and cheekbone implants, after which his entire face would be tattooed red and black!


    What Is Your Take On His Extreme Transformation?

    What do you think of his extreme transformation? Would you like to see a real-life villain? Do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Friday, December 15, 2017, 6:15 [IST]
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