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    Five Weird Facts About Kim Jong-Un

    By Lekhaka

    The supreme leader of North Korea, and probably the world's biggest dictator who succeeds in anything that he desires and wishes for, this person wishes to continue his brutal administration furthermore, maybe in the craziest manner.

    The brutal nature of Kim can be clearly established from the series of his acts like getting his ex-girlfriend executed, executing his uncle to death with the help of scary and fierce hounds, executing the defense personnel too.

    The young leader is largely regarded to be an insane man. He is well-known for his unique way of picking people who acted against him - and teaching them a lesson just by doing the set of weirdest acts against them.

    Know more about the weird actions that this young leader can do, that will surely leave you terrified and happy at once that you are no way around the brutal leader. Here are some weird facts about Kim Jon-un, which will for sure make you scream WTF!! Take a look.


    1. A Plastic Surgery To Look Like His Grandfather Kim II Sung

    The insiders from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) said that Kim has undergone plastic surgery, just to resemble his grandfather Kim II Sung. They say that the young leader, whose age is a mystery, of course, underwent a surgery to look fatherly to the people of DPRK.

    And there were many that said that the young one looked completely different, nothing like Kim II Sung - his grandpa. The reason that people say is that Kim-un was never chubby, i.e., prior to the surgery. This was told to have undertaken just to have a long standing as a leader.


    2. Got His Uncle Executed

    Nothing could be more brutal, probably. This young brutal leader is known to execute his own uncle - Jong Song Thaek, who was second most powerful in DPRK. Kim is said to have executed his uncle for several acts that his uncle Jong had committed against the state. The acts included spending lots of foreign currency, illegal affairs with several women and many other such things.


    3. The World’s Only Leader With No Military Experience At All

    This man has not undergone any military training, but has gained all the skill and the knowledge with his own hard work. This seems like he has naturally inherited the military skills from his own family. Kim-un has got the toughest army that is the fourth largest among the world's other militaries.


    4. World’s Sexiest Man In 2012

    This chubby leader has become the ‘world's sexiest man'' in a sarcastic magazine named ‘The Onion'. The magazine names the young leader to be the sexiest man alive in the year 2012. He was also regarded as the heartthrob of almost all the girls. The style, charm and fashion sense of the young leader made girls flock to him.


    5. Made Sure That The Death Of His Family Members Was Wholeheartedly Grieved By General Masses

    Kim Jong-un made it very sure that the death of his family members and also his death (in the future) was to be seriously and wholeheartedly mourned by the people of North Korea. It was also reported that the people who were not present at the mourning of the death were ordered to be put under the sentence that lasted for six months in the labour camp.

    There is a complete long list of weird things like he attended a school in Singapore secretly where he introduced himself as the son of an Embassy worker and many more. So, these are some of the weirdest things of the world's sexiest man alive - as per Onion Magazine (of course).

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    Story first published: Sunday, December 3, 2017, 13:19 [IST]
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