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Different School Punishments Around The World

As kids most of us have been punished for the most of the silly things. From being hit with bamboo sticks to kneeling down.

There are different ways on how kids have been punished in schools around the world. Here are some of the bizarre ways as how differently children are punished to tame them.

Looking at the list of punishments you would realise that the punishment you have faced is far way better than what other kids around the world experience.

Kneeling On Freezing Peas

This is a punishment that is growing in popularity and there are more and more schools, especially in Asia. The teachers use this punishment to deal with disobedient pupils. The students are asked to kneel on the freezing peas for longer period of time.

Holding Hands In Public

Students generally get warned or are scolded or in the worst case scenario. They are even expelled for getting into a fight in school. But holding hands of the one with you have been fighting while the entire school laughs at you can be humiliating.

Flaunt Your Incompetency

This is not a school punishment, but parents made their kid to wear a sign to exhibit his unimpressive academic achievements as he had failed. The sign read- "Hey, I want to be a class clown. Is it wrong?" and back of the sign read- "I'm in the 7th grade and got three Fs. Blow your horn if there's something wrong with that."

Eating Lunch Off The Floor

An elementary school in New Jersey were made to eat food off floor for spilling jug of water in the classroom. The school authorities even threatened the pupils that they would be forced to stay there longer if they told anyone about their punishment.

Chopping Off Hair

A frustrated teacher chopped the braids of a school girl. When authorities confronted her, all that she had to say was that she was upset with a personal reason and did not know how to vent it out, hence did it! The teacher was later suspended.

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