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List Of Amazing Women Who Will Surprise You

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Some women are just born with "it." What is "it" you might ask? Well, it's that something special that sets these women apart from all the others.

There are some special blessed people in this world whose stories will simply amaze you once you read about them. Here, we bring to you the list of women who will simply amaze you with their talent and specialty.

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Check out the list, as we are sure they can amaze you due to their special feature.


Lyudmila Titchenkova

She is a teenager who hails from a city called Nikolaev, in Ukraine. According to sources, she has the world's longest neck. This is due to her condition, which is called Marfan's syndrome. Doctors revealed that the disease affected her connective tissue, and resulted in her elongated neck.

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Natalia Partyka

She is the most famous table tennis player, as she has only one arm. However, this condition did not stop her from becoming a champion. She is said to have taken home gold and silver medals in the Olympics and not just once, but multiple times for each!


Bethany Hamilton

She lost her left arm in 2003 to a shark bite and this did not stop her from becoming famous as a pro surfer. Three weeks after the attack, she returned to the water; this time using a longer board that would help her in making up for her lost arm by kicking more.


Pixee Fox

She is known to have the tiniest waist, to the point that it's pretty dangerous. She has had her ribs removed, and all of her internal organs are vulnerable now to maintain her 14-inch waist. Apparently, she has invested around $80,000 in plastic surgery, and not just for her waist, but also lips, face, etc.


Longest Fingernails

Christine Walton has the world record for the longest fingernails in the world. Walton currently lives in Las Vegas, and her nails had grown by the year 2013 to a combined length of 7.314 m (23 ft 11 in).


Largest Hands

Doctors believe that Duangjay Samaksamam has the "World's largest hands" since each of her arms weighs over 20 pounds. She owns a small shop in Thailand. According to sources, she has been suffering from a rare condition for more than 20 years.


Lauren Williams

She has the longest legs known within the United States. From hip to heel, her legs are 49 inches long, which is a whopping four feet! She is a model, who represents companies such as Nike, among other fitness-related brands.


Ericka Ervin

She is also known as Amazon Eve, who is a transgendered model and also a fitness trainer, and is known to be the world's tallest model. She is 6'8", and has struggled with her height and body issues in general throughout her life.



She is a Russian-born gymnast who is known to have extreme flexibility. She can create a variety of shapes with her body, and can even squeeze herself into a 50-cm box! She set the world record for the "most beer bottles opened in a minute" using only her feet.

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Story first published: Wednesday, July 26, 2017, 23:44 [IST]
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