Why Do Indians Not Wear Footwear Inside Their House?

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Every time you enter your house, you are asked to leave your footwear outside and be barefoot at home, ever wondered why?


Why does it so happen that when you see somebody walk around in the house with their shoes on, it simply boils your blood?

Why Indians Don't Wear Chappal At Home

Here, in this article, we are about to share the reason as to why people, especially Indians, do not wear footwear or any kind of a chappal inside their house!

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According to a study, our shoes contain numerous germs that are enough to give you an attack!


The research that was done by the University of Arizona claimed that there are about 421,000 bacteria present in a single shoe! So, you can calculate how much would a pair have!


Out of all the shoes that were examined, 96% of them had Coliforms. It is a bacterial indicator that is found in the faeces of humans and warm-blooded animals!

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Apart from this bacteria, there are seven different kinds of bacteria that are present in the shoe. It includes E. coil, Klebsiella pneumonia (this is responsible for causing urinary tract infection), and Serratia ficaria (it is responsible for causing respiratory infections).


It's strange that the practice of not wearing footwear inside the house is being followed since years, where people hardly knew what science was!

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Hope people continue to keep the practice going on even in the future generations, as walking around in the house with shoes on will only keep the house environment unhealthy!

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