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Things You Might Not Know About Your Nails

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Did you know that the nails on our fingers and toes are much more complicated than most of us think them to be? Well, yes they are.

In this article, we are here to share information on some of the things that you might not know about your nails.

Generally, most of us clip our nails before a hot date, or a job interview.

Otherwise, we may neglect these areas and never bother about it much, that's the case especially with men who never give it an afterthought.

So, find out more about the details of your nails and why they constantly grow.

Do you know that the hard part of our nails is also known as "plate"?

This is located underneath the cuticle that is present under the skin, and what grows out from the root is known as "matrix".

There are a few more interesting facts on nails that you might have not heard of before. So, here it is, check this out!


Fingernails Grow An Average Of 3.5 Millimetres, Monthly

Nails tend to grow faster in the hands (about 3.5 millimetres) than when compared to toe nails that grow only 1.6 millimetres a month.


White Spots Are Not Due To Calcium Deficiency

White spots are very common and are totally harmless. They do not indicate anything related to a vitamin deficiency. It's just a common myth.


Men’s Nails Grow Faster When Compared To The Women!

Well, yes studies have revealed that men's nails grow faster than women's nails. That is the reason why men need to clip their nails more often than women.


Biting Your Nails Causes Skin Infections

Did you know that biting your nails causes skin infections and it also aggravates the nail bed conditions? Yes, it does! Hence, avoid biting your nails right away!


Nails Indicate How Good Your Health Is

Nail bed discolouration to yellow, white or banded indicates the state of your health. It can be a sign of a very serious underlying health ailment or even a life-threatening disease! So, watch out for any unusual colour on your nails.


Did You Know That Stress Can Take A Toll On Your Nails As Well?

Well, it does! Researchers have proved that chronic stress and fatigue divert the body's energy and nutrients away from the healthy growing nails and hair, thereby causing more damage to your nails.


Cuticles Have A Purpose

Skin peeling off from the edges of the nails can be irritating. But, do you know that the cuticles have a purpose? Well, they help to seal and keep the skin underneath it moisturised and away from germs.

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Story first published: Friday, July 22, 2016, 16:10 [IST]
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