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Signs That Show You Have Met Someone From Past Life

We meet strangers often in our day-to-day lives and, sometimes, it makes us wonder if we have met them before. This leaves us confused, as for a second, we stop by to think if we've encountered that person before.

This strange connection can make one feel like we know the other person from our past life. Talking to them leaves us wondering about various thoughts. We think it might be silly, but what if it was a past life connection?

Here, in this article, we are about to share some of the signs which show that you have met someone from your past life. Sounds creepy, but it may a possible thing that can happen, right?

Though this may not be accurate, it can still give you a satisfying answer to all the unsettled questions that run on in your mind.

Read more about these signs, in this article.


You Click Instantly

You do not have any hesitation while you interact with them. You both gel as though you have been friends since ages. You can talk to them effortlessly. This may be a sign that you had a good bond with them in your past life.


You Have A Strong Connection Even When Apart

Staying away from them physically does not weaken your bond with them. You could have got the powerful message even before you hear it from them verbally. This can be due to telepathy.


Time Does Not Matter In Their Company

You would never know when the time would fly by when you are in their company. You feel so in tune with them that you easily lose track of the time, space and reality.


You Can Read The Other Person Like A Book

Sometimes, words are not required to express or understand the other person's feelings or thoughts. Just looking into the person's eyes can make you understand their feelings.


You Have Plenty Of Memories With Them

You do not know how but you have been sharing memories with them from your past lives. You recall living in the same place or sharing the same paths that you've lived on. You think this to be coincidence, but it can even be a past link.


You Have Overwhelming Emotions When You Meet Each Other

Every time you meet them, you feel good and happy about everything. They draw up a wellspring of emotions from within you. This is something that you generally do not feel with anybody else except them.


You Feel At Home When You Look At Them

You do not have any awkwardness when you meet them. Everything seems eased out and you feel at home and relaxed when they are around you. The relationship that you share with them feels easy, and not strained or forced.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 4, 2016, 6:25 [IST]
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