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Nasty Historic Hygienic Practices That Will Totally Put You Off Mood!

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Being hygienic is the first thing that we all follow once we are off our bed. There is no better feeling than smelling fresh and feeling good. But is being hygienic really the first thought that crosses everybody's mind?

Well, in this article, check out a few facts on some of the most nasty hygienic practices that people had been following since history. These are the most disgusting hygienic practices which even the royals had followed.

In our current state, we think that taking a shower, hand-washing, using toilets, etc, are the most basic things of hygiene, which we must stringently adhere to.

However, do you know that these practices did not even exist a few years back and people were hardly aware of germs?

So, find out more about the gross, nasty hygienic practices that people followed and feel thankful that these are not practised anymore!


Rats To Brush Teeth!

Ewwww!! We wonder who could have come up with the idea of using a rat's brain to brush their teeth!! This was a common practice which the Romans followed for a very long time. Now, that is something that you would not want to even imagine!


People Rarely Changed Their Clothes

Did you know that people did not change their clothes often, not even the royalty? They generally had four outfits for each season! Okay, we do not wish to get into more details of this disgusting practice!


Dumping Waste At The Backyards

There had been many cesspits that had been dug to dump the waste. Generally, these cesspits had been dug at the backyard, which would lead to the development of a lot of infectious diseases.


Feeding Eagle's Poop To Ease Labour Pain

Did you know that people back then used to feed eagle's poop along with oil and vinegar to ease labour pain? We wonder if it really worked for those poor ladies!!


Urine To Cleanse Face

Okay, who would have imagined this one! Well, nobility used fresh urine for the purpose of cleansing their faces! The worst part is there are a few people out there who still recommend this even to this day! Yikkess!!


Chicken Droppings To Treat Baldness

To cure baldness, people used to mix chicken droppings along with potassium and rub it on to the scalp. It was believed that it helped in curing baldness. Whatever, why would anyone want to rub shit on their head!


Washing Hands Only While Eating A Meal

Washing was almost non-existent and people washed their hands only while they ate their meals. Well, at least this sounds like one of the better practices that people followed. However, washing hands only while having meals, well, come on people!!

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Story first published: Monday, July 25, 2016, 18:24 [IST]
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