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Here's Why Your Jeans Has That Tiny Front Pocket

You must have noticed your jeans having a tiny pocket in the front, isn't it? Have you ever wondered why? What can be the reason for its existence? Or where the idea has originated from?

Well, there could be several historical reasons for the same. Here, in this article, we are about to share details on some of the reasons why your pair of jeans contain a tiny pocket in the front.

Though the tiny pocket is a no secret or a hidden pocket to hide valuables, it leaves people confused with its very functioning, as the size of the pocket is really small.

I'm sure, there have been times when you've wondered about why these pockets are there, as they may mostly serve no purpose.

But, let me enlighten you of the actual reasons for which a pair of jeans contains these tiny pockets, have a look.


Reason #1

Cowboy! In the 1800s, cowboy culture had a different means of dressing up all together. This included of them wearing the hat, jacket, shoes, etc., and all items that were slightly different from today's trend, this included the tiny pocket in the jeans.


Reason #2

It is intended to provide a protection for the pocket watches which people would use back in the days when people carried them. It is also officially called "the watch pocket."


Reason #3

Once the pocket watches system was out, people started using the tiny pocket for various reasons like keeping their bus tickets in it, as it was handy to access.



It was also used as a condom pocket, since the pocket size was just perfect for storing condoms! Quite useful, must say!!


Reason #5

Apart from all the other uses, these tiny pockets may have also been used to carry coins in those days. This could help get access to these coins easily, as they were handy when placed in these tiny pockets.

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