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Mini Melts Ice Cream Freezes Indian Summer

By Super

Indian summer just got better this season with the world's coldest ice cream, Mini Melts from Mini Melts Inc, USA. Present in over 24 countries in gourmet flavours, Mini Melts super premium ice cream was unveiled in Bangalore recently with a target to be available in 1200 outlets in the next three years across India. Mini Melts is uniquely priced at Rs 40 for an 82 grams (3oz) cup making this world icon affordable to everyone looking to enjoy a premium international ice cream. Other packs come in at Rs. 60 for 5oz and Rs. 85 for 8oz.

According to Shoeab Salim, Managing Director of Honeybee Amusements Pvt Ltd (HBAPL), the holding company for the Mini Melts India franchise, "Mini Melts is an Inc. 500 brand and is featured in the World's Top 10 Innovative Ice Cream Products. It has had phenomenal success around the world with its premium flavours and patented production process. Given the onset of a sizzling summer in India, we've brought in a perfect companion to beat the heat."

Mini Melts will be offered through retail kiosks, carts and serving freezers at venues such as theme parks, entertainment centers, retail stores, shopping malls, cafes, and anywhere people, particularly children, congregate. In addition to the standard flavours, it will offer exclusive speciality flavours from time to time, for special events and holidays. It can also be custom-made to any flavour or colour desired for a 60-gallon minimum order.

Mini Melts ice cream is produced at a temperature of about -190 degrees. Unlike traditional ice cream, Mini Melts is flash-frozen to lock in its flavour and has no air whipped into it. This means that the consumer gets 100% pure delicious ice cream in small popcorn shapes. In order to keep its shape and flavour, Mini Melts is stored at -45C, in specially designed and imported freezers, making it the World's coldest ice cream.

Mini Melts has 3 product ranges covering, Ice Cream, Sorbet and Ice Granules. Mini Melts Ice Cream contains 100% milk fat and is completely vegetarian. The brand will be rolled out in NCR, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra, in the next phase.
"We will launch a unique, first of its kind Mini Melts Kids Café network to add to the experience of consuming the ice cream," added Salim.
In Bangalore alone, Mini Melts will be available at over 20 locations during its launch phase.

Story first published: Thursday, April 25, 2013, 17:19 [IST]
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