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Kim Kardashian Craves For Burger n Fries

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Kim Kardashian pregnancy has been a high profile news on the gossip meter since the beginning of 2013. Recently there were accusations from some sections of the media that Kim Kardashian's pregnancy is fake and she is just trying to grab eyeballs. The pretext of this news was that Kim Kardashian's baby bump looks different everyday.

But looking at the way Kim Kardashian is indulging her cravings it does not seem that her pregnancy is fake. All pregnant women have cravings. But Kim Kardashian's cravings are quite different from other women. Normal pregnancy cravings are for things like pickles, fresh bakes etc. But Kim Kardashian has very unhealthy cravings for burgers and fries. Looks like her baby has already developed a taste for trans fats.

Kim Kardashian

Recently Kim Kardashian tweeted 'Shit I spoke too soon' and gave a hash tag of her first pregnancy craving. Apparently Kim Kardashian had hoped that she would craving for her usually favourite fast foods like Macdonald's and Taco Bell. But looks like In-N-Out burgers are the lucky guys. This is because Kim just can't stop eating burgers and fries form this fast food joint.

Looking at the rate at which Kim is putting on weight, she is giving all the fast food chains lots of business. But where is Kim Kardarshian cravings for junk food going to land her. She has already put on an alarming amount of weight. Moreover, Kim was never exactly slim. So losing postnatal weight will be very troublesome for Kim.

So all we can do is hope that Kim Kardashian's other cravings are a little more healthy than her first on. Or else it is will be hard to guess how Kim Kardashian will look post-pregnancy. Lets take a wild guess at what Kim's next pregnancy cravings will be? Could it be crunchy pizzas or delicious Chinese food? Lets weight and find how the most socially active pregnancy of the century progresses.

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