Kate Middleton's Baby Shower Is A Myth

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The romour vines have been abuzz with the news of Kate Middleton's impending baby shower for a few weeks now. Kate Middleton is 6 months pregnant now. And it is just the right time for a baby shower. However, we haven't heard any official reports of Kate Middleton's baby shower from the Royal family's spokesperson.

So, experts also believe that Kate Middleton may not have a baby shower at all. While that might surprise few, but we are not very shocked. Kate's late mother-in-law Princess Diana did not have a baby shower in her time. In fact, it is not even a part of royal British tradition to have elaborate baby showers.

Kate Middleton Baby Shower

The logic behind this is very simple although many people may not agree with it. First, having baby showers is not strictly speaking a British tradition. Secondly, the concept of baby shower is to give gifts to the would-be mothers. These gifts are supposed to be things that a new mother will need for her baby. But when it comes to the royal baby who is going to be the heir to throne of England, things are a little different. What can be a possible gift for pregnant Kate Middleton and her baby? A baby shower for Kate Middleton may be redundant because she is rich enough to buy whatever she wants.

But having said that, friends and family may still want to give pregnant Kate Middleton a treat. It rumours are to be believed, the Princess's sister, Pippa Middleton is planning a private baby shower for Kate. Pippa Middleton's plans may not be endorsed by the royal family though. So if you had any high flying fantasies about the queen turning up on Kate Middleton's baby shower, then drop it.

So while Kate Middleton is not having an official baby shower, there might be a chance that the Duchess will have a private party with close family and friends to celebrate her motherhood.

Story first published: Monday, April 1, 2013, 11:44 [IST]
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