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Celebrities Who Died In Car Crash

Many celebrities have faced car crashes. While most survived some unlucky celebrities died in car accidents too. Over-speeding and reckless driving is very common among stars. But some celebrities died in car crashes that were not really their fault. Some famous personalities may also have been assassinated by staging road accidents.

Different kinds of celebrities have been in car crashes. It is not just Hollywood celebrities who died in car accidents. Some of the celebrities killed in car crashes were royals like Princess Diana. Some of these famous people where musicians like Cliff Burton. There were even writers and painters like Abert Camus and Jackson Pollock who died in road accidents.

In short, famous people from all walks of life have been killed in road mishaps. Some celebrities who died in car crashes are etched in our memory like Princess Diana and James Dean. Others may have faded with time.

Here is a small recap of some of the most famous celebrities killed in car crashes.


Princess Diana

Princess Diana and her companion Dodi Al-Fayed were travelling back to London from Paris and met with an accident in the Alma Tunnel. The crash into the wall killed both rear passengers.


James Dean

James Dean was one of the most popular Hollywood hunks in the 1950s. After movies like 'Rebel Without A Cause' and 'East Of Eden' he rivalled the popularity of Marlon Brando himself. But he died at the age of 24 in a road accident due to over-speeding.


Jackson Pollock

Jackson Pollock is an impressionist artist who became famous for his drip method of painting. He died in 1956 due to freak car accident.


Jayne Mansfeild

Jayne Mansfeild was one of the first sex sirens of Hollywood. She was an actress and television star who had a very colourful love life. An ugly road accident killed her in a very ghastly manner.


Princess Grace Kelly

Princess Grace of Monaco was once a very popular Hollywood star. She was driving in the hills of Monaco with her daughter as they argued. The distraction made Grace Kelly lose control of the car that crashes downhill.


Eddie Cochran

Eddie Cochran was one of the first rockstars in the history of Rock and Roll. He died at the tender age of 21 before reaching the zenith of his stardom. He was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame.


Cliff Burton

Cliff Burton was the original bass guitarist of the rock band Metallica. He died at the age of 24 when the tour bus for the band over-turned.


Dottie West

Dottie West was a country music singer who gained much acclaim in the 70s. Dottie West was the victim of a minor road accident when the car hit the divider. But it left her with a ruptured spleen and liver that killed her a few days later in the hospital.


Albert Camus

Path-breaking French writer Albert Camus died in a car crash in a small town in France at the age of 46. His best known work is 'The Stranger'.

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