Types Of Dosas You Must Taste

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Dosas are an Indian equivalents of pancakes. This South Indian delight has been popularised all over India and world as one of the best fast foods around. Dosa is a fairly adaptable dish. You can have these Indian pancaked doled out on street sides, have a good meal of dosas at a good Udipi restaurant or have super fine dosas dished out in a Five Star buffet.

Recently Masala dosa was listed as one of the ten foods to try before you die. Actually, this potato stuffed Indian pancake happens to be the most popular type of dosa. But it is by no means the only one. For the sake of clarity and lack of space, we are including all types of stuffed dosas like paneer, peas, chicken etc under the sole banner of Masala dosas. There are innumerable types of dosas that can be improvised from the basic recipe. Here are some of the most popular types of dosas.

Types Of Dosas

5 Types Of Dosas You Must Try:

1. Plain/Masala Dosa: This is the prototype variety of dosa. If we just say that we would like to eat dosa then it would either be a plain dosa made of a crushed rice batter or masala dosa that is filled with cooked potatoes.

2. Butter or Benne Dosa: This dosa is special because it is fried in pure butter instead of oil. Not only does that escalate the price but also adds enormously to the 'yummy' quotient. The Benne dosa originally belongs to the city of Davangere in Karnataka.

3. Rava Dosa: This a healthier variety of dosas that are quite popular in Northern India. Instead of rice, the batter is made of Rava (also known as Sooji) or semolina. Rava dosas are not as crisp as normal dosas.

4. Paper Dosa: This is a special type of dosa that extends from one side of the table to another. A paper dosa is huge but ultra thin like a paper. The trick is to reduce the breadth of crust and make these Indian pancakes larger. So they are huge but light and super crisp.

5. Neer Dosa: Literally translating to 'water dosa', this is another delicacy that comes from the Tulu region of Karnataka. The specialty of this dosa is that it is pearly white and not brown like its other cousins. You need not ferment the rice batter to make neer dosas unlike other types of dosas. As it is light and soft, you can eat neer doas with various vegetable curries and also meat and fish.

So, how many of you have tasted all these popular types of dosas?

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