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5 Truly Feminist Men We Know


It is one of the most difficult tasks in the world to find men who are truly feminist in their leanings. If you ask a pessimist, then he or she will tell you that there can be no such thing as a feminist man. Some would say that it is an oxymoron ( a figure of speech that is used when two words that mean the opposites of each other come together).

However, we at Boldsky are of the opinion that men were actually the first feminists in history. Some famous people, who were men, helped the cause of Women's rights much more than women themselves. Here are a few of those legendary famous people and why we can call them feminists.

Men Who Are Feminists:

1. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar: The academician and social reformer changed the face of Indian women. Vidyasagar was the first to set up schools in Bengal and he went door to door to ask families to send their girls to his school. Education for women was shunned in India during the 1800s and all the brilliant Indian women today owe their good fortune to this man.

2. Raja Rammohan Roy: He stopped the most barbaric act of Sati, self emulation forced upon women in India. Raja Ramohan Roy campaigned against Sati (the act of burning a widow on her husband's pyre) through his newspaper Sambad Kaumudi and compelled the British government to ban this barbaric Hindu custom. He was a torch bearer for all the feminist men who came after him.

3. John Lennon: The famous words 'Woman is the n***er of the world' fell from his mouth. He and his second wife, Yoko Ono are the famous people who wrote this controversial song. It compares the plight of the Africans who were taken as slaves all over the world with that of women. This is because women always get the worst deal in any situation.

4. Kurt Cobain & Eddie Verder: Both these men were grunge musicians in the 1990s. Abortion under any circumstances including rape, was forbidden in USA. Cobain and Verder did shows to raise money to campaign against this law. They believed that abortion was a woman's right to choice.

5. Dalai Lama: He is a spiritual leader of the world but he does not go into long winding spiritual mumbo-jumbo when it comes to his position on women's rights. He says, clearly and confidently, 'I call myself a feminist.'

These are 5 men who can be truly called feminist men. Do you know any other famous people who can be included in the list of feminist men?

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