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Controversies About Princess Diana's Death

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Her life was a fairytale but with a sad ending. Even after her death, Princess Diana continues to inspire us. 15 years back, on this very day (31st August) Princess Diana left us all forever in a tragic road accident in Paris. Her death has always been shrouded in mystery and there are many conspiracy theories about it.

In the memory of our favourite Princess, Lady Di, we present to you, the most popular conspiracy theories about her death.

Princess Diana

Theory 1: The accident was staged to get away from the Paparazzi.

Strange as it sounds, some people believe that Princess Diana staged her own fake death. She probably did it because she was sick and tired of the paparazzi following her everywhere and making her life a media circus. Just 6 hours before the tragic accident, Princess Diana told a journalist at the Paris Ritz (where she was staying) that she would retire from public life forever. So, we are tempted to believe that the entire accident was staged and Lady Di is living a very happy and healthy life in secret; which is a rather pleasant thought.

Theory 2: The British Secret Service planned the accident.

There is a British agency called MI6 whose mission is to protect the British Royal family and the monarchy in England. Now the word goes that MI6 has a lot of nut-cases who presume very bizarre things as threats to the royal family. For example, they had pulled out some files on legendary British singer John Lennon thinking that he was planning to start a communist revolution in England! It is quite possible that the secret services perceived Princess Diana as a threat to crown because she was bringing in a lot of negative publicity. What makes the case doubtful is the fact that the driver survived the accident. The doctors who examined the bodies said that nobody could have survived an accident of such magnitude. The driver was also an ex-Army man, so go figure.

Theory 3:The Royal Family did it.

This conspiracy theory was widely discussed in the media after Princess Diana's accident. Prince Charles's relationship with his wife, Lady Di was notorious. They had recently undergone a divorce and Princess Diana's relationship with Dodi was causing the British royal family a lot of embarrassment. However, it is a highly improbable theory because Prince Charles would obviously be the first suspect in any case. Why would he risk it?

Theory 4: Dodi was the real target.

Princess Diana was travelling in that fateful car with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed whose father is the owner of the poshest store in London, Harrods. A man of that stature is bound to have enemies and it was those enemies who planned the accident.

When we mourn Princess Diana's death, we mourn the death of beauty and innocence. Conspiracy theories aside, we would like to remember her the way she was, timeless and beautiful.

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