Music That Makes You Love Alcohol!

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Gone are the days when catching a few drinks with friends was a peaceful affair. Have you ever noticed what happens as the night gets deeper and the crowd starts pooling inside the club? The obvious answer is that the lights are dimmed and the music turns up. The music infact is so loud that you can no longer hear your friend sitting next to you! As you have to shout too much to have a conversation with friends, people usually stop talking and hit the bar

What is about loud music that makes alcohol seem like a more viable option than chatting with friends? Let us see why music and drinking go hand in hand in pub these days.

Music And Alcohol

How Music Affects Alcohol Consumption?

Stop Talking And Drink: Most people drink more alcohol because they cannot talk to their friends due to the loud music. As conversation becomes too much of an effort, it is much easier to walk up to the bar and down a few pegs or shots of alcohol as the music rejuvinates your mood. Pubs want you to go out there and buy more drinks. So if you want to enjoy a quiet evening with friends and share a few drinks then a pub is certainly not the place for you. You would have to try some quaint restaurants for that.

Drinking Makes Dancing Easier: We do not know if drinking really makes dancing easier but it certainly makes it a lot less embarrassing. Most of the people who go clubbing are clumsy dancers. They feel a lot less conscious about swinging their limbs to the music after the alcohol kicks starts affecting them. You might have noticed that initially people keep to their tables with their drinks and starters. The dance floor heats up only after everybody is comfortably intoxicated.

Music Makes Alcohol Taste Better: A research study conducted by the University of Portsmouth in UK has declared that music makes alcohol taste sweeter. Listening to familiar dance numbers can make your drink much better than you normally do. So basically, music makes drinking a sweeter experience. This psychological data is well utilized by DJ's and bartenders alike; the DJ turns up the music and bartender sells more drinks.

Adrenaline Rush: Most of the numbers played at bars and pubs are adrenaline pumping songs. And there is nothing like alcohol to get an instant adrenaline rush. So, people switch from beer and other smooth drinks to shots (like tequila, vodka etc.) to get their blood pumping before they hit the dance floor.

Here is a question for hard core party animals. Do you really think that loud music affect your drinking behaviour? Do share your views with us.

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