Scariest Haunted Places In The World

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Ask any random guy and he can tell you a 'real' ghost story. When many people tell such ghost stories about one particular place, then it becomes a haunted place. There are numerous haunted places in the world. We couldn't possibly list them all. But we have listed the 4 most haunted places in the world based on the 'chill factor' in the haunting story.

Scariest Haunted Places In The World:

Haunted Places

Bell Farm In Tennessee, USA: The case of the 'Bell Witch' or Kate, as she was known during her life, is the only recorded haunting that led to a person's death. This haunted place was a farm owned by the Bell family. The haunting started after John Bell, the patriarch of the family, shot a curious looking creature (dog with the face of a rabbit). After that, voices were heard in the house that escalated to direct conversations and reciting sermons. If the Bell Witch was enraged she would resort to slapping and pinching too. The haunting resulted in the death of John Bell who was suffering from acute neurosis (he was unable to sleep for months). A black coloured vile was found at his deathbed, a drop of which killed the family cat. Even 200 years after the real incident, voices and screaming sounds are heard near this haunted house.

Catacombs In Paris, France: Under the sprawling castles and beautiful boulevards in the city of Paris are the haunted Catacombs. The history of this hauted place dates back to time of Haussmann, the famous architect who redesigned the drainage system in Paris in the 1840s. He had his men dig up graves that were more than hundred years old (at that time) and used the bones as building material. Now what was the saying about not disturbing graves? Right, digging up graves incurs the wrath of the dead. A strange ensemble of ghosts including French Revolutionaries, writers and soldiers have been sighted inside these underground crypts.

Raynham Hall In Norfolk, England: This is the only haunted place in the world that boasts of having produced a picture of a supernatural sighting. The 'Brown Lady', a noble woman clad in a brown gown roams in this haunted house. Colonel Loftus clicked a picture of this lady in 1835 that has been validated by numerous experts as being authentic. The lady in question may have been Lady Townshend in her lifetime, who was imprisoned by her husband for her suspected infidelity. She died in the house and continues to haunt it.

Bhangarh Fort, India: Bhangarh is a town near Jaipur in Rajasthan where none of the houses have roofs. Whenever a house with a roof has been constructed, it collapses immediately. The fort of Bhangarh was cursed by a black magician and thus abandoned almost immediately after it was constructed in 1613. Anybody who has stayed in the fort area after dark has not returned alive. The haunting in this fort has forced the government of India to declare that staying in the fort after nightfall is dangerous!

These 4 are the scariest haunted places in the world. Do you want to add to the list?

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