5 Indian Wines You Must Try

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India has a lot of wine enthusiasts and people who are knowledgeable about wine tasting. However, the wine industry in India is still at a nascent stage. Some of the best wines that are manufactured in India are neither very old nor very expensive. However, Indian wine brands have succeeded in scoring good alliances with foreign wineries. These collaborations give Indian wine makers the know-how that is required for fine wine-making. Many foreign wine giants like Rose are collaborating with Indian wine producers like Indus and Sula.

So if you are looking for something affordable yet classy, then an Indian wine would be your ideal pick. It may not have achieved the same finnesse as French wines and yet it will not be totally amatuerish either. Here are some the best wines for you to choose from.

Inian WInes

1. Indus Sauvignon Blanc 2010: It is undoubtedly the best white wine that you will get in the sub-continent. If you are a wine enthusiast, you would know that red wines are more widely produced in India than white ones. That is why Sauvignon Blanc is a novelty. The bottling of this wine started 3 years ago in the hills of Igatpuri near Mumbai. The wines are relatively young but zesty with the flavours of freshly cut grass, grapes, passion fruit and an intoxicating citrus smell.

2. Mercury Chenin Blanc: A very young wine that was bottled just about 3 years back. But as far as taste is concerned, it adds a lot to your cellar. It has a distinct sweet finishing taste that goes very well with the Indian palate. We would like to end on a sweet note. Ideal for drinking after dinner, this wine is one of the best examples of the Chenin Blanc style in India.

3. Sula Riesling: It is not only the only Riesling wine that is produced in India but also a great innovation in wine making. Reisling is a special type of grapes grown in the Rhine valley of Germany. The German way of making wine has been followed to produce this wine and Sula has done a great job on it. It very light and perfect for sipping on a lazy afternoon. When you uncork the bottle a soft smell of petrol rushes out but when it touches your tongue, you can taste the honey undertones. It is not very widely available so if you get one stock it, 10 years later, it will cost a fortune.

4. Sula Rasa Shiraz: Syrah or Shiraz is a type of grapes that goes into making spicy red wines. This Indian wine actually won a silver medal at the Syrah Du Monde 2010 that credits the best red wines. This is a spicy wine that has a woody base as chips of oakwood are used to mature the wine. This is relatively older than the other Indian wines. The first casket dates back to 2007 but hurry because there were only 600 bottles in this batch.

5. Grover's La Reserve (Cabernet Shiraz): This wine hails from the cool highlands near Bangalore. A proper French-style wine matured in oak barrels. This wine has flavours that taste like chocolate and coffee. It is also one of the finest blends of Shiraz and Cabernet wines. Both Cabernet and Shiraz are popular varieties of wine grapes.

These 5 are some of the finest wines that Indian has to offer. Have you tried any of these?

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