Bar Rafaeli Is The Hottest Woman Alive!

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Remember Bar Rafaeli, the famous Israeli model who was in news for dodging military service that is compulsory for both Israeli men and women? Well, she is back in news but not for any other evasion of any national service this time. Bar Rafaeli has topped the list of the 100 hottest women in world compiled by one of the top fashion magazine, Maxim. As a price, she gets to be the cover girl for Maxim.

Maxim is a actually a men's magazine based in UK that has a huge readership among men all over the world. So Bar now enters the Man's World in Maxim's hot hundred!

Bar Rafaeli Is The Hottest Woman Alive!

The Cover Photo:

The cover of Maxim shows Bar Rafaeli in a bikini. The black stringy bikini leaves little to imagine. Bar has actually lowered her bra to the extreme and stripped down to the barest minimum for this magazine cover. The pose given by Bar Rafaeli in this bikini is just as tantalising as her super hot body. Along with the black bikini, Bar Rafaeli has sported a pair of dangling gold earrings and chunky gold bracelet. Her makeup is just as perfect as her proportions. Maxim has surely made no mistake by choosing her as 'the' hottest woman in the world

The Cover Story:

The story is about 100 of the hottest women in the world and as per the survey, Bar Rafaeli is now the' hottest woman in the world. She is famous for being the girl who drove Hollywood's darling, Leonardo Di Caprio crazy! No wonder even the British royalty is also not immune by her beauty. Sometime back Prince Harry was in news for literally begging Bar Rafaeli for a date! She states her preferences in what she finds attractive in men. According to the cover story, she finds a man's teeth to be most appealing.

Bar's Underwear Brand:

Just a couple of months back, Bar had posed nude for an artistic photo shoot to promote her new underwear brand 'Under Me'. The photographs and television commercials were in black and white. They showed her stark naked stepping out of a steamy bath. Bar seems to be taking time out to admire herself in the mirror wondering what to put on. Nobody is complaining about watching the super hot babe in her birthday suit. After all it is all for the sake of art. But then aren't you supposed to wear the product you are selling? There was no hint of the underwear in the commercials but surely had some classy shots. Hopefully, Bar Rafaeli's upgraded status as the world's hottest woman should help her promote her brand.

Do you agree that Bar Rafaeli is the hottest woman alive?

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