Top 5 Gold Jewelry Brands In India

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Gold Jewelry Brands
Gold jewellery and India have a mutual connection that goes back many centuries. In India gold is sacred and it has a strong religious significance that gives it a place of honour when it comes to jewelry. Jewelry brands are a new concept in India because Indian were used to buying gold from their local family jewelers until a few decades back. Whether it is weddings or festive occasions like Diwali, the top jewelry brands do very good business. Since the season for buying gold has began let us take a look at which are the top 5 gold jewelry brands in India.

Top 5 Gold Jewelry Brands:

1. Tanishq: Being a Tata group initiative gives this top jewelry brand an obvious edge over the others. Although relatively new, Tanishq has pioneered the concept of jewelry as a 'brand' in India and they are obviously reaping the benefits now. The gold jewelry designs of Tanishq include all the different specialties of the various states. However, their unique selling point is based on the 'purity' of gold they sell.

2. Thribhuvandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ): This is the inspiring story of a household jeweller turning into a nation wide jewelry chain. After 150 years of being in business, today it is one of the top jewelry brands in India with their base in Mumbai. Their designs are decidedly elaborate and they easily have the best wedding collections in town.

3. D'Damas: This brand is a joint venture of the indigenous Gitanjali Jewellers and the UAE bases Damas group. D'Damas is famous for its unconventional gold jewelry designs. Gold jewelry in India is steeped in tradition but this brand taught Indians a new contemporary way of wearing gold. They have a range of Italian designs that is very popular. Lara Dutta was the brand ambassador for this brand and the concept of wearing gold differently started appealing to the young Indian woman after her popular advertisement.

4. P. C. Chandra Jewellers: P.C Chandra is a brand from the east. With its base in Kolkata, they specialize in Bengali gold jewelry designs. Indians are pretty finicky about gold and the the designs they wear are highly culture specific. This gives regional brands like P. C. Chandra a chance to make it big due to specialization. The Goldlite collection launched by P. C. Chandra is immensely popular with people, especially with the rising prices of gold.

5. Jos Alukkas: This is the one of the top jewelry brands from down south. It is based in Thrissur, Kerala but you will see them sprawling stores all across the 4 southern states. Just like P.C. Chandra, the need for regional gold designs that are closer to our hearts is the emotion addressed by this jewelry chain and they are doing very well with it, especially in wedding jewelry.

So if you are planning to buy gold this festive season then keeps these five names at the top of your list.

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Story first published: Friday, September 30, 2011, 12:23 [IST]
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