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Top 3 Easy To Do Businesses!

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Easy Businesses
Easy businesses, sounds like a dream too good to be true, isn't it? No business or for that matter job is easy if you get to the core of it. However, there are some businesses that are easy to start and less complex than others. Due to what factors can you call a business plan easy?
  • It has to be an easy to start business in terms of capital.
  • It has lesser risk factors.
  • It has quick profits and minimum effort.

So, here is a list of the top 3 easy businesses that fall into all these 3 criteria. But beware not all of them are strictly speaking legal.

Top 3 Easy To Start Businesses:

1. Buying Domain Names or Cybersquatting:

  • This is not exactly a business plan, it is just a superb idea that can earn you profits like nobody's business. In this business all you have to do is be smart and quick.
  • Every website has a domain name and these domain names are sold. You can pick a domain name with lots of prospects early and buy it cheap.
  • When the relevant website comes up they will be willing to pay you indecent amounts of money for that domain name.
  • This however is illegal under certain conditions, typically described as 'bad faith' meaning using it for the wrong kind of content unsuitable for the domain name.
  • The classic example was that was an adult site and the Presidents office in the US had to evict them forcefully.

2. The Amway Business:

  • Almost zero capital investment in this easy business plan and chances of so much profits that you retire at 35.
  • Amway is a company that does not sell its beauty and health products via any intermediary. These product lines cannot be found in malls or any shops but you can buy them from Amway dealers directly.
  • And who are these dealers; normal working people like you and me. You buy your own Amway kit and start building your clients; it could be your family members or friends first and then you grow.
  • The best part is that you keep getting the royalties beyond a point when you have a fixed set of clients and the others you have brought into this business pay you a part of their profits.

3. Dog Breeding:

  • Do you think you are too good for such an easy business? Of course not. Dogs are the most preferred pets around the world and dog lovers will pay you anything for a dog of good pedigree.
  • A Tibetan mastiff was recently sold for a million yen.
  • Imagine the profits this easy to start business can yield if you begin with just 2 dogs and end up selling 16 puppies, each for a million!
  • Pugs, German Shepherds and Mastiffs are the best dogs for this easy business plan.

These 3 easy businesses cannot guarantee profit nor are they totally risk free but they are definitely food for thought.

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Story first published: Wednesday, October 19, 2011, 11:27 [IST]
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