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The Most Exquisite Signatures In The World

By Sruthi Appu

Scribbling on a paper could be considered either exquisite or non exquisite but when it's a celebrity's scribble or signature, of course it's rare. There are people who crave for those signatures to keep as their most coveted possession.

I would like to depict here, the top exquisite and costliest signatures in the world. As you progress reading this, I bet that your eyes will pop off your socket.

William Shakespeare"s Signature : The famous dramatist and the poet who contributed immensely to the world's literature has his signature rated as the most expensive and elegant one in the world. The fact about his signature is that there are, only six original signatures of his, each been tagged for an approximate of 5 million Dollars.

Abraham Lincoln"s Signature : The famous 16th president of America, has his signature been tagged as the second most expensive and rare one in the world. In 1991 his signature was auctioned for 7,48,000 Dollars.

Jimmy Hendrix's Signature : Jimmy Hendrix, the greatest electronic guitarist in the rock music's history, has bagged the third position for having the expensive signature. The starting price of the paper signed by Hendrix is 41,000 Pounds.

Jimmy Page"s Signature : yes, it's that Jimmy Page, who made us groove to his guitar. This famous guitarist's signature is the fourth, most exquisite one in the world. The guitar signed by Jimmy was sold out for 49,000 Pounds.

John Lennon"s Signature : People who love the rock band 'The Beatles' will never forget John Lennon. He is one of the members who established this band. The last copy of his autograph was sold out for 5,25,000 Dollars.

Story first published: Thursday, July 29, 2010, 15:38 [IST]
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