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Theory behind Aerial Yoga

By Super Admin

Elevating the mind and body to achieve inner peace is the theory behind Aerial Yoga, which joins the centuries-old discipline with acrobatics of the circus.

Creator of Aerial Yoga, Michelle Dortignac developed the practice in January 2006. It was way to combine her training in the circus arts with her certification as a yoga instructor. Students climb into the hammock-like device and contort themselves into yoga positions.

But how do students find spiritual enlightenment, if they worry about falling? Dortignac says that she applies special techniques to calm students' nerves.

"Essentially when people come in, they're a little nervous but when they see the apparatus is hanging very low, and they're only going to be inches off the ground, they relax. Also there's big mats underneath them and when they play around they become more confident because they start to trust the apparatus," says Dortignac.

Story first published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007, 17:24 [IST]