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Why People Love Dog Over Other Pet Animals

By Debdatta Mazumder

When you have a pet, there is a companionship that grows between you two slowly. Whether you have a cat or a bird, there grows a sense of mutual understanding.

But, when it comes to dogs, it is not just understanding but a real friendship that nurtures. It is truly said that dogs are a man’s best friend; and only those people can understand the value of this phrase who have or had dogs as pets. So, why do people love dogs over other pet animals?

The fish in your aquarium won’t communicate with you or play with your kids. It is your canine friend who can fill your stressful days with fun.

The bonding between men and dogs is nothing new. From the beginning of civilization, it was the dog who's always stayed beside a human being.

The horses and cows were tamed to do chores, while dogs stayed with humans and became their friends. Till today, the picture is the same. If you're wondering why people love dogs over other pet animals, you’ll get several reasons.

Why do people love dogs? A detailed discussion will help you to know more. If you’re a dog lover, then you can associate with the discussion. If you are not a pet lover, this article will surely make you to buy one of the kinds. Why do people love dogs mostly? Read on to know more.

1. Your Security System: You must have seen houses with the 'Beware of dog’ sign. Yes, a dog in a house can make criminals think twice to take any attempt on your house. Dogs can sense crime five feet away and alert you by continuously barking.

2. A Child At Your House:
Why do people love dogs? It is because puppies demand the same love as a child needs. It fills you with fun and amusement. Even reports say women who prefer to be childless or can’t have kids can get the amazing feeling of raising a baby while taking care of a dog.

3. Unconditional Love: With your dog around, you can never be alone. Friends and relationships can come and go, but your dog will remain with you till the last day of his life. It doesn’t matter how much you earn or how you look, all that matters is your friendship and love.

4. Continuous Companion: If you have a dog, your kid won’t need other friends. There are many stories that have proved the amazing bonding between kids and dogs. They even take care of your baby while you’re not around. It is a huge reason why people love dogs over other pet animals.

5. Read People Better Than Humans:
The olfactory senses are 100% better in dogs than in human beings. If you’re meeting someone with whom you’re not comfortable with, your dog will sense your misery at once and will react. If your dog gets negative vibes from a person, think twice before continuing communication with him/her.

6. Total Fun: If you need more reasons on why people love dogs over other pet animals, then consider their entertainment value. Actually, they are a full package. Play Frisbees or hide-and-seek with them and see how much fun they can add to your sunny summer picnic.

7. Dogs Will Wait:
While looking for reasons why people love dogs over other pet animals, there is nothing better than this. No matter how much you’re late, a dog will wait for you when your dear ones may not do so. There have been instances to show a dog getting ill after the death of his/her master and soon succumbing to death too.
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