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Ten Foods That Can Make Your Puppy Ill


Most of us have pets and we feed them with various special foods. Our love for pets will make us blind in choosing food for them. But, it is very dangerous to feed all kind of food to your puppy. Experts say that there are at least around 10 foods that can make your puppy ill.

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Most of the foods that are good for humans and other animals may not be suitable for puppies. Always give food according to their weight, breed and age. Before giving food to your puppy, consider all factors that can affect your puppy’s health. Foods that can make your puppy ill should be kept in mind before feeding them.

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Some food really poses serious threats to puppy’s health. Metabolism plays a key role in breaking food particles and turning them into energy. Metabolism comes in different rates in different puppies. So you must consider this before feeding your puppy. It is always advisable to do a thorough research on food items that can be given to your puppies. Now let’s talk about 10 foods that can make your puppy ill.



One of the 10 foods that can make your puppy ill is alcohol. Never give your puppy alcohol as it cause lack of coordination, poor breathing, coma or even death. Many people serve alcohol to their puppies to make a funny scene.



Chocolate is one of the foods that can make your puppy ill. Actually certain contents of chocolate like methylxanthines compounds are toxic to your puppy. Even a small amount of chocolate itself it may lead to vomiting.



Avocado is the best fruit for humans due to its health benefits. But, avocados are really harmful for puppies. All parts of this fruit are dangerous to puppies as it affects the digestion process badly. This is one of the 10 foods that can make your puppy ill.



Grapes, which are consumed by humans, can cause kidney failures in puppies. But bad affects are only seen in some dogs. So, make sure that your puppy is fine with grapes.



Another one of the foods that can make your puppy ill are the onions. Onion can destroy red blood cells of your puppy.


Apple Seeds:

Before feeding apples to your puppy, take out the seeds. It is found that apple seeds are not good for puppies. Be careful while feeding your puppies with apple.


Cooked Bones:

Never give cooked bones to your puppy. It is always better to feed raw bones. The cooked bones can splinter when chewed by puppies.


Chewing Gums:

It is very dangerous if chewing gums are given to your puppy. The reason is that it contains a compound that releases too much insulin that causes kidney failure.


No Cat Food:

Don't give cat food to your puppies as cat foods contain more proteins and fats. It is not suitable for puppies. Prefer foods specific for dogs.


Bread Dough And Raw Yeast:

It is better not to give bread dough to your puppy as it forms gas in the digestive track and the fermentation makes alcohol, which is not good for puppies.

Consider the age and breed of your puppy. Fix the best foods for your puppies after taking advice from a vet.

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Story first published: Thursday, September 3, 2015, 3:01 [IST]
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