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Ideal Pets For Working Couples

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Pets For Working Couples
Most working couples are so busy that they cannot find the time to have babies. So it is hardly fair for such busy people to have pets. However, no matter how desperate the situation is, human beings always have the element of 'desire' in their hearts. So, many working couples with tight work schedules still want to have pets.

Choosing a pet for such busy couples is not a very easy task. They need to choose pets that do not need constant human attention and are reliable enough to leave alone at home. Here are some of the options you can try.

Ideal Pets For Working Couples:

Fish: Harmless and quite literally chilled out, these aquatic animals make great pets for working couples. No matter how busy you are, you can always find time look after an aquarium. It hardly needs any maintenance; you need to clean the tank once in month if you install the right filter. Fish needs to be fed once or maximum twice a day. If you are going away for sometime, you can use the power food tablet that suffices for 15 days of food!

Turtles: Although they aren't really exciting creatures like dogs who jump on you and play with you, they are hassle-free beings. They stay in their tub all day; you can also leave them free roam when they are big enough to spot. They learn to feed themselves in time and do not disturb the neighbours by making any noise. Happy and peaceful animals who can be quite companions.

Birds: Give them their food and they want little more from you. Although keeping birds in a cage is not a very happy idea, you can try to get a huge kennel-like cage to give them enough space to roam. They do not eat too much at a time and thus you can give them food and water once in a day; they nibble at it from time to time.

Hamsters: These animals are like good kids, pretty and obedient. They do not demand your attention but are happy if you give them time. You can keep them in a cage while you are away and leave them free once you are back home. Food and water is not a problem as they learn to feed themselves from the reserves you have left.

Dogs: Not all dogs are for working couples. However, if you choose dogs as pets, then you must choose a proper dog breed. Some dog breeds like golden retrievers and boxers get very lonely if you leave them alone at home. They make all kinds of mischief like chewing furniture and barking to cause havoc. Grey hounds, Mastiffs, Doberman, German shepherds are some of the better dogs for working couples.

Choose your pets wisely so that your pet doesn't have to suffer in your absence. Are you a busy working couple? What pets do you have?

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