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Tips For Breeding A Male Dog

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Breeding is one of the most important stages that comes in the life of an animal. Be it a pet dog, cat, rabbit or any other animal, they need to breed. There are many pet owners who neglect dog breeding. If you delay breeding, it can be really unhealthy for the dog.

For a moment when you think of breeding it looks simple and easy. However, there are few factors and points that you have to keep in mind. For example, breeding age, health conditions and compatibility have to be kept in mind. There are many other important tips that vary from male dog to female dog. If you have a male dog at home and want to take him out for breeding, do not forget to keep these tips in mind.

Tips For Breeding A Male Dog

Breeding tips for male dog owners:

Get a mate: Keep the breed of your dog in mind. Cross breeding is common but if you want to have puppies of the same breed, go for a female dog of a same breed.

Introduction: It is very important to make your male dog feel comfortable with the female dog. If the dogs do not feel comfortable, it will become difficult to mate the pets. So, supervise and interaction to make sure that the dogs do not fight and hurt each other.

Do not breed during heat period: Heat period is the time when the female dog is menstruating. This is the reproductive stage of a female dog that is similar to the ovulation days of a human being. Do not breed when she is in the heat period. also consult the pet owner of the female dog to know that the dog has already passed two heat before breeding.

Check indications: When the female dog starts scratching the area above her tail after seeing a mate it is an indicator that she is ready. Also when the vulva of the female dog swells up, it shows that she is all set to breed.

Guide: The dogs might need some alone time but if the vet is not there, you have to guide the male dog to go inside her.

Keep the dogs calm: This is one very important breeding tip for male dogs. While mating, they come across the act of 'tying'. In tying, the bulbus glandis (erectile tissue structure of the male dog) swells while breeding thus tying the two dogs together. Tying usually lasts for 20-25 minutes so the dog can turn around to open up the knot. Keep the dogs calm if they get into a knot.

Breed till she denies: According to many vets, the female dog needs to be mated with the male one every 48 hours. When she starts denying mating with him, take the male dog away. This can be tricky as the male dog can bark at her or force her to mate.

These are few basic breeding tips for male dogs. Do you have more tips? Do share with us.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 22, 2012, 17:08 [IST]
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