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Fish For Small Tank That Stay Small!

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Small Fish Tanks
Most of us live in cramped up apartments in the cities but thankfully this has not totally killed our wish to keep pets. We adjust of course and fish as pets are the best when you have a space problem. They are not going to be moving around the house and you can always keep a mini aquarium. But even for a small tank you need fish that will stay small. So you can only choose from fish breeds that do not outgrow the size of your tank.

First of all, it is not right to have fish in a bowl, a tank is always better. Small fish for tanks are not all that tough to find. If you have a mini aquarium then you should consider these fish breeds for it.

Fish For Small Tanks:

1. Betta Fish: This is a small playful breed of fish that fare very well in small tanks. Not fish bowls but a decent enough tank can give them plenty of space to move around and do their acrobatics. Ideally you should not keep aggressive Betta males with any other fish because they tend to attack. Normally the Betta like to stay by themselves. Keeping them in a community tank can make them react violently.

2. Ghost Shrimp: You have probably heard of this fish for small tanks only as feed for other fish. They owe their names to the fact that you can almost see through them! They are really tiny fish growing only up to one and a half inches and thus make ideal pets for apartments where there is no room to for huge aquariums. You can in fact keep a whole spawn of ghost shrimps in a small tank. They feed on almost anything and you keep them with docile fish like angels.

3. White Clouds Fish: The name seems interesting doesn't it? The fish too is interesting but strangely they are rarely white. You will find white clouds in silver, gold and neon colours but a white is yet cross my eyes. They are great fish to live in a cramped space and so non aggressive that you can keep them even with Ghost Shrimps and they would not attack their tank mates. The fluorescent stripe that is typically seen of the male of white clouds fish is it's special feature. Its movements make a brilliant streak of light.

4. Mollies: They will be listed almost everywhere as one of the easiest fish to keep for beginners. They are a hardy lot but you still do not fare well with other fish because they need brackish water to survive comfortably. Black mollies are the commonest and they grow to about 2 to 3 inches. You can easily have a tank full of just mollies. Mixing up black, white and orange mollies can give a great visual impact.

These are the fish for small tanks that stay small even after growing up.

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Story first published: Monday, March 5, 2012, 17:02 [IST]
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