Top 5 Popular Hybrid Dogs!

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Hybrid Dogs
If you can have hybrid fruits and vegetables then why not have hybrid dogs as pets. As you know there are different types of dog breeds and they are pretty numerous. Cross breed dogs are created by breeding two dogs of different breeds together. These hybrid dogs have really interesting names (borrowed from both the parent breeds) and also some amazing characteristics.

When the time comes to choose a pet you need, do not always choose a type of dog breed that is pure. You can try one of these popular cross breed dogs too.

Top 5 Hybrid Dogs:

1. Wapoo (Chihuahua + Poodle): What a name and what a dog it is. What happens when you get a mouse like dog to breed with a hairy one? You get a mouse like furry dog. This cross breed between the tiny Chihuahua and the furry poodle gives birth to the most odd looking dog you can imagine. A wapoo's face is elongated like the chihuahua but the body is like a shrunk poodle. They are not known to grow very large and are usually on the skinny side. They are barking dogs like all small dogs but not too tough to train.

2. Dameranian (Dachshund + Pomeranian): Not quite damned as the name might suggest. These interesting hybrid dogs come from Dachshund and Pomeranian parents. They have the face of their dachshund parent but are blessed with longer legs. This dog with its thick coat can be very furry and fluffy. They love children and interact well with them. They are not typical tall (though taller than dachshunds) and it is fair to call their body type horizontal.

3. Labradoodle (Labrador + Poodle): It is obvious from the name who the parents of this mixed breed dog are. Considering that both parents are among the smartest dog breeds, they too are very intelligent. They are great family dogs and easy to train. The coat of a labradoodle can be either like that of a poodle (wiry) or smooth; it depends on the dominant genes.

4. Bullboxer (Boxer + Bull Dog): Two huge dogs breed together to produce one of the huge mix breeds. They are accordingly lovable like the boxer but have the guarding instincts of the bull bog. Although violence is not their nature never forget that they are breed out of the two most dangerous dog breeds. Proper training at early stages is mandatory.

5. Puggle (Beagle + Pug): if you find pugs adorable then you will simply love their offspring from a cross community marriage to snotty beagles. Puggles look sad faced like Pugs but they have large snouts like Beagles. They tend to be on the whole more cheerful than the morose Pugs and more active too. You can find Puggles in a variety of shades ranging from black to fawn.

These are 5 of the most interesting hybrid dogs to choose from.

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Story first published: Monday, January 2, 2012, 16:40 [IST]
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