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Are Dogs Man's Best Friend?

Posted By: Sneha
Are Dogs Man's Best Friend
Are dogs really mans true friend? This statement may not be right. The following factors talk about dogs and human relationship whether it is really inseparable and are dogs really mans best friend.

1. Not All Dogs Are Friendly- It's stated that dogs are friends for life. But this may not be the case with some dogs who are not friendly by nature. Certain dogs like Rottwiller, Pitt bull, Dalmatians these breeds of dogs are not very friendly. They are very aggressive and cause fatal bites. These breeds are very uncontrollable and when it comes to dogs as friends they are not suitable.

2. Dogs Can Not Do What Humans Can- Dogs and humans are known to have a very friendly relationship. But what humans can do dogs really can't. Man needs support and love, he wants to share his feelings with a true friend. But dogs as friend do not respond in a friendly manner always. They cannot express as humans nor hold you and give you a warm hug. Though their gestures intend to but the connect between humans as friend is different from that of a dog.

3. Dogs Are Not Friends During Hay Season- Dogs as pets are fine because they are considered as loyal creatures. But dog as friends may really not be applicable during the season of hay. Hay fever is an allergy which sufferers get prone to from dogs, cats, and dust mites easily. Symptoms like itching, sneezing, stuffy eyes, watery nose make the suffers state miserable. So treating your dogs yearly may makes hay fever more manageable. In this case dogs as friends may not be really true.

4. Personal PC Is Mans Best Friend- Researchers show that man considers his computer as his friend than dogs. Dogs and humans share a friendly rapport. They believe that even their laptop can be taken fora walk. PC makes man wealthy and also accompanies it everywhere. Research shows that laptop has substituted dogs as better friends. Man is anyway very busy to keep a pet. He has limited space to accommodate a dog. Moreover man has become so money minded and he always thinks of work which can only be done with his PC and not a dog. So these factors show that dogs are no longer considered mans best friend.

5. Cats Replace Dogs As Mans Friend- Cats are the first domesticated pets. They have been linked to human for a more longer times than dogs. For some cats are the best pet they ever had and they get attached to it more than dogs as pets. Humans may love dogs but today's times cats are considered mans true friend.. Cats have been existed since long and they are loved more by humans today.

These factors rises the question whether dogs are really mans only friend.

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Story first published: Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 18:19 [IST]
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