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Essential Grooming Tips For Dogs

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Buying a pet is not that difficult but caring and maintaining them is really tricky. As you try to maintain personal hygiene, you also have to look after your pet and make sure that he or she is clean and hygienic. Be it a cat, rabbit, dog or any other animal, you have to groom them. If you have a dog at home, then here are few grooming tips that can help you.

Bathing: You do not need to bathe your dog on a regular basis. Bathe your dog when the coat becomes dirty and they start smelling. It is best to bathe your dog after every 3 days. They need to get accustomed to water and bathing. Many dogs are scared of water and thus start barking. So, this grooming tip is quiet essential. Try to distract your dog while bathing him or her. Talk to your pet and keep encouraging him or her by saying how good they are. This will make them confident and courageous.

Grooming Tips For Dogs

Brushing: It is very important to brush the coat of your dog. If you have a furry dog, then brushing the fur should be done regularly. This also helps prevent the formation of tangles that can become troublesome later. Use a pet comb that easily brushes the furry coat of the dog. Brushing is an essential grooming tip for pet lovers because this removes lose hair, dirt, parasites and bacteria that hide deep inside the fur.

Nails: Just like dirt accumulates inside our long nails, it is obvious that the long nails on the paws of the dog can gather more mud and dirt. Firstly, cut the nails of your dog to maintain hygiene. Use a nail cutter that is meant for dogs. If you dog has big nails, you have to clean them whenever you give them a bath. Use a filer but be careful. Another simple method is to wet the paws with water and after 5 minutes, rub with a wet cotton ball that is dipped in water and antiseptic. These are few easy pet grooming tips that can help maintain hygiene of the dog and also prevent mud from entering inside your house.

Teeth care: Just like we brush twice or thrice regularly, we need to brush the dog's teeth too. Ideally, a dog should have a proper and strict dental care regime. Brush the dog's teeth once every day. Use a soft toothbrush and or a finger brush that is formulated for pets. You can either buy toothpaste from market or make at home. Mix baking soda with salt and water, and then brush the teeth of your dog.

These are few basic dog grooming tips that can ensure hygiene. Clean the ears and also the eyes to reduce the chances of infections.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 23, 2012, 18:15 [IST]
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