Aquarium Fish That Are Best Left Alone

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When we talk about the best fish for our aquariums, we usually imagine a school of fish. However, there are some fish who wish to live alone even in tanks. These types of fish are loners; they prefer to be alone. Some of these are very aggressive and thus not safe to keep in a tank filled with other fish breeds.

Before you plan the composition of your fish tank you must know that these aquarium fish are best when left alone.

Fish That Stay Alone

Aquarium Fish That Are Best When Left Alone:

1. Piranha: This aggressive fish from the South American Amazon does not let anyone stay with it. It is a popular saying in the Amazon rain forests; "you can escape from a crocodile, but not from piranha infested waters". These fish are so aggressive that they can jump out of fish bowls in anger and kill themselves. So, make sure you keep this wild pet in a safely covered aquarium.

2. Betta: These are really the best aquarium fish to stay alone. They are fighters so they cannot stay with any other types of fish. Though they can stay well when paired with other Betta fish. Betta fish display more colours when they stay alone. The best thing about them is that they are really easy to maintain. You can keep a small filter or real plants for oxygen supply. They eat little and remian small even when they are fully grown.

3. Oscar: They are big but playful looking fish. Never make a mistake of keeping two together. Forget about any other types of fish, these fish are not compatible with their own breed either. Oscars grow really big, so you need a big well ventilated tank for them. Another interesting thing about Oscars is that, although they like to live alone, they do get bored easily. They are very temperamental and you have to place some plastic toys in their tank to keep them entertained.

4. Paradise Fish: These are the first fancy fish to be reared in tanks. Paradise fish is best for aquariums due to its aggressive nature. They are fighters and do not tolerate most smaller fish breeds. They do fine with equal competitors like sharks. However, it is best to keep the Paradise fish alone as they are voracious eaters and squabble a lot.

Use these secrets to care for aquarium fish in the best possible way.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 17, 2012, 14:18 [IST]
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