Top 5 Ugliest Dog Breeds

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Dogs are the best looking pets to have at home. They are furry, act sweet and crazy but it will be impossible for you to believe that there are a few dog breeds that are been rated as the ugliest in the world. Today, we shall talk about them, their origin and characteristics. Take a look.

These ugly dogs scare you in the dark, look very weird and make you feel disgustive. Although pugs and chihuahua were rated as bad looking dogs, they are bearable breeds than these. If you cannot believe, have a brief view of their description.

Top 5 Ugliest Dog Breeds

1. Chinese Crested – A Small hairless breed has a Chinese origin. They are available with and without fur. The furless breeds have a human-like skin. Though the furry dogs are difficult to care, they make you feel happy and warm. They attract pet lover but these are unbelievably thin and at times look like as if they are not dogs.

2. Shih Tzu – These weird dog breeds are a contrary to cresteds as they have too much hair and look like dusters. They are miniature dogs that have more feminine fans. Because of their long furry coat, they need to be brushed and combed often. Grooming them is a costly expense.

3. Chinese Shar Pei – The popular Garnier dog is known for its wrinkled body. It is a challenge to all the wrinkle free brands and are chinese dogs. They are rare farm dogs that have a rough skin and black tongue. They have very small ears and a curled tail. The wrinkled coat is very unusual. They are guard dogs that are suspicious towards strangers. Very independent and reserved breeds.

4. Whippet – This ugliest dog breed can give all the size zero actors a run for their money. Too thin and bony. One of the best features of the dog breed is that they run too fast. They are loyal and friendly animals. The bad looking dogs are very faithful to their owners and get protective at the time of danger.

5. Standard Schnauzer – The German breed may be the ugliest dog breed but it is very versatile and robust pet. It has a furry moustache and has a perfect bodyguard look. Owning these dogs itself is a matter of prestige.

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Story first published: Friday, November 4, 2011, 17:27 [IST]
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