Top 3 Quiet Dog Breeds For Home

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Quiet Dogs
You like pets but are worried because they make noise and disturb your neighbours? Well, you don't need to as there are dogs that are quiet and peaceful as you are. They are faithful guards and friends. They like fun, they can protect but will not bark and waste their energy. Take a look at the top 3 quiet dog breeds that can be ideal pets for apartments. Here is the list.

Top 3 Quiet Dog Breeds – Barkless Dog Breeds

1. Basenji – The hunter dog whose origin is Egypt is the most royal breeds. They love people and children. Also called the African barkless breeds.
Basenji Care: The dog breeds need to be well vaccinated as they have a tendency to chew anything and everything around them.
Training: Help the dog breed to socialize with your family members (specially children). The training needs to start from the puppyhood as even the children will get to know the dog's behaviour.
Nature: They are very independent so need to be taken a good care. Note that their priority is not to please you.
They can get hostile if you treat them harshly.
Pet Food: Provide with lot of nylon and sterilized bones for chewing and follow normal dog diet. (milk, boiled vegetables, meat and cereal).
They don't like being lonely so get them a partner (another opposite sex breed). Daily walking and exercise will keep them active and strong.

2. Borzoi – Also called the Russian Wolfhound are not only quiet dog breeds but are well mannered dogs. They love their family and are very faithful to their owner.
Borzoi Care: They are comfortable in cold climates and have a silky coat. Combing needs to done frequently
Nature: They are very gentle and quiet in nature. They feel shy and reserved when they see an outsider.
Training: They require exercise. A long walk or running along the bicycle or jog with some physical activity will keep dogs active.
Pet Food: Low fat dog diet

3. Akita – Easy dogs but very strong. You give them a platter of food, take them for a walk and they are happily yours. They can do soft talking but hardly bark.
Dog Care: They have thick short coats and shed twice a year. Brushing needs to be regular. You can give him bath after the shedding season.
Nature: They are very easy going, social but sensitive animals.
Training: Plenty of exercise, brisk walks and games will help them remain strong, active and friendly.
Food: The quiet dog breeds require large amount of food everyday.

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Story first published: Thursday, November 3, 2011, 16:56 [IST]
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