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Hamsters As Pets - Tips On Hamster Care

Having small pets like hamsters is interesting but one needs to know how to care it. Today we will see how the Syrian creature can be taken a good care. Take a look at te Hamster pet care tips.

Hamster Pet Care Tips -

1. Hamsters are healthy, disease free animals and can give birth to babies as quick as every month. They are nocturnal animals and are rarely active during the day.

2. Hamster need to taken extra care while taming as they get aggressive when they are frightened. They need to be caged as they may escape and never come back home.

3. Hamsters like exercises and running. Female hamster can run as long as 5 miles per day. Females are known to be much more fussy than males. When the females give birth they need to be less disturbed.

4. They like fresh fruits and vegetables. They need to be in clean cages and taken proper care. Hamsters need to be taken veterinarian regularly.

5. Grooming them is easy, all that one needs to do is touch them with tidy hands and groomed only by pet owners. They are best as pets as they can be healthy and disease free throughout their lives.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 28, 2011, 15:46 [IST]
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