Manly Dogs: Top 5 Dogs For Men

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Manly Dogs
These dogs are very manly, wild and huge. They are favorites of men and cannot be handled that well by women. These are dogs that suit the bachelors, they are tough and smart. Take a look at the top 5 best dogs for men. Here is the list.

Manly Dogs: Top 5 Dogs For Men

1. Rhodesian Ridgeback – The African beast is called as powerful as a carnivore. They are mascular and can challenge their enemies. They are not too hairy but have thick resistant skin. The dogs do not misuse their power, maintain good temperament and do not attack unless enraged. These hunter breeds are very loyal to their owner.

2. Bloodhound – Another popular hunt breed is termed a manly dog for its scenting skills. They are furry (than compared to the rhodesians). Although the name sounds fierce, they are quite friendly breeds and are go getters. The getting what they want attitude may make them stubborn.

3. Labrador (Specially Black) – The black pooch has a shiny furry coat. It is a black beauty as you may not find even a dot of white on body. They are very friendly, do not bark too much and tolerant. Labradors can become lazy if not trained well so making them exercise everyday and encouraging their playful behaviour will make them good enough to be rate as the third best dog for men.

4. German Shepherd – The powerful sniffer dog is no less a cop in solving criminal cases. Shepherds are manly, tough and can be fierce. They are great guard dogs and are capable enough to tear the intruder to pieces. They are proud, affectionate and loyal to owners. They can be great companions to the bachelors.

5. Doberman pinscher - Another sniffer breed preferred highly by the police departments. The are very masculine in terms of looks and behaviour. The dogs are quite dangerous as they can be very aggressive to strangers. Proud, powerful and protective are their common nature.
Apart from these even rottweiler and cane corso are best dogs for men but are not been included in the top 5 manly dogs list because of their availability problems.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 16:46 [IST]
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