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Placement Tips For Setting Up An Aquarium

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People have a blunt thought that aquariums are all about fishes. Setting up aquarium and filling it up with fish was the idea before, but now aquarium placement has become a hobby for many people. They cant treat their fishes or snails like a pet. They are kept for beauty and the maintenance is not an easy task, they need great care and the expenses can be more than the budget you put and the only solution is to compromise.

These days people plan on setting up aquariums for wealth, prosperity and peace at home. Feng Shui has inspired and also the Aquarium placement ideas have made people to believe in it as it does work for many. Here are some aquarium setting up tips listed for home for happiness, wealth and prosperity.

Water signifies the flow of life with happiness, wealth and prosperity so an aquarium is believed to bring good luck to the living place. As the fishes grow in a healthy way, they symbolize the growth and activity of the house. The correct set up of aquarium can solve many issues and also balances and enhances the 5 elements- water, metal,wood, fire and earth. Proper Aquarium placement would block the negativity and the bad luck in the house.

Aquarium Setting Up Tips -

1.The aquariums are placed at the sharp corners of the house and at the passages between the rooms as it blocks the negativity of the outsiders while they walk through the area and would also transform it to positive energy.

2.Placing an aquarium under the beam light is said to reduce the mental pressure and stress and this placement of aquarium would bring power to face any problem and to bring in calmness in mind.

3.Placing aquariums in living room builds strong relationships between people as they bring beauty to the place, brings a refreshing and relaxing feel which will improve socializing and also strenghten bondage for good.

4.Placing aquariums in the bedrooms beside the bed especially in the right side brings happiness and relief from stress after a day's work which would give good sleep and improve the efficiency of the person in his career life.

5.Don't ever place two aquariums opposite to each other it may bring conflicts in house. Place them beside it as creates good bondage among people.

Feng Shui are not religious beliefs, they are science and a part of studies in china. There are reasons behind the placement of the fish tank. These ideas have cropped up thinking about the powers like fire, water,air and land which are the basic constituents for people to live.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 31, 2011, 9:59 [IST]
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