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Where To Keep Money According To Vastu

By Samantha

Vastu is a Hindu system related to the science of architecture. It originates from different energies in the atmosphere and is said to bring in peace, positive vibes and prosperity. A lot of people who believe in Vastu swear by it.

Do you believe in Vastu? Do you believe that following Vastu recommendations brings in good luck? If you do, then read on for some useful tips pertaining to your wealth.

We all have money and valuables we keep in our homes. While some of us may not be very particular about where we store our money, some people prefer to follow certain Vastu tips on where to keep money and valuables.

This may be due to various reasons - inflow of wealth, more prosperity, good luck, more success, doubling or riches, etc. Whether it's hard cash, jewellery or any other valuable assets, here are some useful tips on where to keep your money according to Vastu.


Place It In The North Direction

The North direction is considered to be the direction of Lord Kuber, the God of wealth and riches. The cash box in which you keep your valuables should always be placed in the North direction, according to Vastu. This is believed to bring you good luck and double your wealth.


South Facing Is Not Safe

Though the cash box should be placed in the north direction, the door of the box should never be south-facing. It is believed that Devi Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth travels from the South and settles in the North. Following this Vastu tip is also said to bring in good luck and prosperity.


Placing Your Cash Box In The East Direction

If, for some reason, you're not able to place your cash box or safe in the North direction, the best alternative is to place it in the East direction. This also holds true for shop-owners looking for an auspicious place to keep the cash box. If the cashier sits facing the south-west direction, the safe should be kept towards his left-hand side and if he faces the east, it should be kept on the right-hand side.


Don’t Place The Cash Box In Any Of The Four Corners Of The Room

Avoid keeping your money in any of the four corners of the room, especially not the northeast, southeast or southwest corner. It's best your safe would open to the North. If possible, avoid the South zones completely. This is believed to bring in bad luck and may also lead to the rapid draining of wealth.


Don’t Place Your Cash Box In Your Puja Room

While the reasons for this are unknown, it is recommended to avoid your puja room when looking for places to keep your money, according to Vastu. If your puja room is attached to your bedroom or dressing room, you can always install your safe in the bedroom or inside your wardrobe.


Your Cash Box Shouldn’t Be Visible From the Main Door or Gate

It is believed that if your cash box or safe is visible from your main door or main gate, all your money will be drained out. The safe door opening to the main gate or door implies wealth leaving your house, which is not a good sign. According to Vastu, you should avoid installing a safe or cash box in any place that faces your bathroom, toilet, kitchen, storeroom, basement or stairway.


Other Tips On Maintaining Your Safe And Cash Box

• It is said that cash comes and stays in places that are neat and clean, so make sure your safe is always neat and well-organized.

• If your safe is in the house, place a silver coin with Goddess Lakshmi sitting on the North wall of your safe or cash box.

• Don't keep your money with files and documents in your cash box.

• Never leave your cash box empty. Always make sure there is at least a one-rupee coin in it.

• Avoid keeping your safe or cash box in the last or first room of your house.

• Don't place your cash box near a window or ventilator. This also signifies wealth leaving your home.

• When considering where to keep your money according to Vastu, it is best to choose a place that is well lit and has positive vibes.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 7, 2018, 16:00 [IST]