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Ways To Clean Idols Before Diwali

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Diwali, the festival of crackers and light is celebrated with pomp and pride across India. Apart from temple visits, certain rituals are conducted at home as well during Diwali. Usually Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh idols are kept and puja is done for five days (only in some parts of the country) or on the day of Diwali.

On the day before the Diwali celebration, people embark in cleaning the puja room or the place where the puja is to the performed. Keeping the idols clean is also very important as it is the major part of the puja.

Generally idols made of silver or bronze are used for pujas. There are many chemicals available in market that can be used for cleaning the idols and other items of puja. But this will affect the finishing of your idols. It is better to use homemade cleaners. This will avoid scratches or patches on the idols.

By using chemicals, silver or bronze idols may lose their shine.

Don't worry about preparing your idols; here we are going to discuss about some of the best ways to clean them before Diwali. So make use of it and sparkle your Diwali.


Vinegar and salt:

If you are having copper idols, the best way to clean is with vinegar and salt. These two ingredients are easily available at home and will help your copper idol shine. It is recommended to wipe the idol with this mix and wash it with warm water.


Lemon and baking soda:

Mixture of lemon and baking soda can be the best option to clean brass idols. Apply the mixture on the idol and rinse it thoroughly. Make sure that there is no left overs of the paste.



People usually have silver idols and it is considered auspicious to have silver idols. So the perfect method of cleaning a silver idol is to apply good quality toothpaste with a soft brush on the idol and leave it for 10 minutes. And then wash it and dry it.


Washing powder:

Washing powder is used to clean silver idols. But remember it should not be used with water. Use dry washing powder and rub it on the idol. Then clean it with a dry cloth. It makes your silver idol shine.


Vibhuthi powder:

Traditionally, people use Vibhuthi powder to clean silver idols. You can take the Vibhuthi from temple and rub it on the idol. Then dip the idol in tamarind water or lemon juice. After 10 minutes, wash it off with water.


Vinegar, Flour and salt:

Another method of cleaning brass idol is applying a paste of white vinegar, flour and salt. Rub the paste with hands till you get the desired effect. Let the paste be on the idol for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then rinse it with warm water. Soon after washing dry it with a clean cloth.


Foil paper:

For this method boil water in a big vessel and add baking soda, salt and the foil into the boiling water. Put the silver idol into the water and let it be there for 5 minutes. When it cools take it out and wash it with detergent.

Try out any of these ways to clean idols before Diwali.

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