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10 Easy Ways To Breathe Cleaner Air At Home

Posted By: Staff
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Every single year, almost 6,00,000 Indians die prematurely due to air pollution, so you would be justified in worrying about your family's respiratory health. Air pollution has never been a more real threat, and most people are not doing enough to shelter their loved ones from the irreversible damage that unclean air can cause.

Contrary to what you might think, protecting yourself from external exposure during travel isn't enough. After all, we spend 90% of our time indoors, and thus, it's important to take note of how clean the air is in the place you spend the most time- your own home. Here are 10 tips for you to ensure that you breathe clean air at home.

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1. Dusting
Not many of us like doing our daily chores and would gladly give them a miss. But dusting is one chore you cannot ignore, as accumulated dust is one of the prime reasons behind respiratory problems. A damp rag should be preferred over a feather duster when it comes to sweeping the dust off furniture, ceiling fans, lights, and refrigerators, for better cleaning.

2. Using Air Purifiers
An air purifier is an appliance which helps in purifying the air around you. The Panasonic Air Purifier comes with Nanoe technology that helps you fight the threats you can't see, such as the incredibly harmful PM 2.5 which travels into the lungs and can worsen asthma or heart conditions pre-existing in patients. This technology can also improve the living environment and health condition of pets! Further, the purifier's 3D circulation airflow cleanses both house dust and odour and also penetrates into fabrics, thus inhibiting allergens up to 99.9%. Definitely a perfect fit for the modern household.

3. Air Circulation
Proper circulation of air across your house is very essential. Keep your windows open to ensure that. And if it's too cold, switch on ceiling fans when not in the room. While cooking, make sure that the exhaust fan is on at all times. This will prevent the smoke, vapours, and allergens from remaining in the air and putting your family at risk.

4. Make Good Choices Regarding Home Furnishings
Hard flooring should be preferred over carpeted flooring because a carpeted floor attracts and retains dust mites and pollutants. Also, hard flooring is much easier to clean.

Moreover, curtains attract more dirt. So installing blinds instead of curtains would be a smarter choice. You can also place houseplants at empty spaces as it would help in getting rid of air pollutants.

5. Frequent Laundry
Fabrics are a storehouse of dust mites. It's very important that you carry out laundry on a regular basis. This will prevent the dust mites from dwelling in your home. All new fabrics including curtains, clothing, beddings, dusting cloths, etc. must be washed before use.

6. Say No To Smoke
Smoke from cigarettes, fireplaces, and even candles are very harmful to your health as they release pollutants, which degrade the quality of the air you breathe. Do not allow anyone to smoke inside the house- be it family members or guests! Also, replace your candles with non-toxic ones. Avoid pressure-treated wood and use dried wood instead for your fireplace, if you have one.

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7. Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuum cleaning your entire house ensures your house is completely dust-proof. You must regularly vacuum rugs, couches, blinds and curtains as this will prevent any allergen or dust from dwelling in your house, thus cleansing the air you breathe. Alternatively, your Panasonic Air Purifier can do it for you. Don't forget to clean your Vacuum cleaner once for every ten times you use it!

8. Switch To Natural Scents
Lavish and luxurious fragrances that you like buying for scenting your house may contain harmful chemicals and pollutants, which dissolve in the air around you. Use natural alternatives instead of commercial scents. Simmer a pot of cinnamon and cloves for a beautiful, long-lasting scent throughout your house. You can even use diffusers and vaporisers with essential oils.

9. Keep A Check On The Humidity Level
Moisture attracts molds and dust mites. So, keeping a check on the level of humidity inside the house is important. It must be below 50%. Also, ensure proper ventilation. You may buy a dehumidifier to help you achieve this.

10. No-Shoes Zone
Your shoes lead a lot of dust and allergens into your house. Say no to shoes inside your house for a completely dust-proof environment.

A dust-free home is your and your family's ticket to a disease-free and healthy life, so make sure you adopt these measures and consistently stick to them.

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