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Quick Remedies To Kill These 6 Pests


It is time for you to take a serious step to get rid of those pests at home. If you don't find a solution in terminating them, it will cause a serious health problem for you and the family.

Having an infestation of cockroaches at home can be disgusting. Roaches can make you fall sick cause they carry a ton of germs in their feet.


Likewise, flies too are harmful little creatures who often have a bag of dirt on their back which they sprinkle over the food you consume, causing you to fall ill.

To get rid of these home pests, we have a series of kitchen ingredients which we think might work to end their life. Applying or sprinkling these natural ingredients in your home will see that the production of these home pests are terminated.

On the other hand, these home remedies are worth it as they are inexpensive and non-toxic. So, what are you waiting for, take a look at how you can kill these 6 tormenting pests in your abode.



Rats cannot stand the smell of peppermint. If you want to kill rats naturally with home remedies, you need to dip cotton balls in peppermint oil and place it near their hole. The smell of the mint itself will shrink their lungs and kill them.

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This is one of the most effective chemical-free way to prevent cockroaches. Prepare a solution of pepper powder, onion paste, and garlic first and then mix it in a liter of water. Sprinkle the solution around the infested places. The smell of the mixture can drive them away from your home.

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One of the many tricks to keep flies away that experts recommend is to plant basil and keep it near openings such as doors, through which flies may enter. Some people have mentioned that essential oils such as those of lavender and eucalyptus, are effective to drive away flies.

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Bed Bugs

Many are unaware of this natural remedy to kill and get rid of bed bugs. However, onion juice which is pungent in nature can kill bed bugs instantly as it cuts out their breathing zone.

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Hang empty egg shells in all the corners of the house. It is a very effective remedy to keep these creatures away from the house. The pungent smell of the eggs keeps these creepy things off the walls of your house.

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One very good natural mosquito repellent for battling mosquitoes is neem oil, try it and see the result for yourself! According to studies neem oil could be more effective than chemically induced repellents and this means that you can keep your health risks at bay by using a natural product. Neem is a plant that grows in India and it has healing properties.

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