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5 Tricks To Make Vacuum Cleaning Better

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Vacuum Cleaning
Vacuum cleaning is something that we are all lazy to do. You keep procrastinating it as long as you can. But there is not another equipment that can give you better results for speed cleaning your home. There is nothing that your vacuum cleaner cannot do; you just have to make it work. Technology should never be wasted and thus, you must make the best possible use of this gadget.

Vacuum cleaning would get a lot easier and less cumbersome, if you knew the trick to handle it. Here, are some of things that you must keep in mind while doing some speed cleaning at home.

Tricks Make Vacuum Cleaning Better:

1. Keep It Clean: You cannot treat your vacuum cleaner like a broom. Although it helps you remove dust from your home, it needs cleaning itself. After all, it is a gadget. You cannot let it lie in the corner like a broom. Clean out the garbage bag in the vacuum cleaner every month. The time period will depend on how dirty your home is and also, how often you use your gadget.

2. Carpet Cleaning: When you are cleaning the carpets in your house, you must remove all the furniture from it. The vacuum cleaner is not as maneuverable as a broom. So you cannot expect it to by pass your sofas and tables. For speed cleaning, you need empty space. Just one stroke and the patch will be clean. You need not redo it many times over and waste time.

3. Use All The Brushes: There are many attachments that come with a vacuum cleaner. Each one has its own function. You must not be lazy about changing the brushes while vacuum cleaning your home. If you do not use the appropriate brushes then, you will not be able to get the best results. For example, there is a special brush for cleaning mattresses that help you cover more surface area at once.

4. Hi-Tech Dusting: You must have seen the typical image of the housewife with a cloth tied around her nose. It represents the scene when she is dusting her home. Now, you can shoo away that image. If you have a dust allergy, then vacuum cleaners can do the job for you. When you dust manually, the dust flies around you. But this gadget absorbs the dust directly.

5. Not For Stains: A vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains. Especially, dry stains become harder if you use this gadget on them. It is mainly useful for removing dust. It can also help you soak moisture out of a damp spot. So, if your kid drops water on the bed, you can dry it up with this gadget.

These home improvement tips tell you how to do vacuum cleaning in a better way.

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Story first published: Friday, March 30, 2012, 17:04 [IST]
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